Rabdan Academy marked significant achievements in the first half of (2022) as part of its implementation of the Capacity Building and Professional Development Programs in the Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management Sectors.

The Academy recorded (96.5%) satisfaction rate in the professional development programs held for more than (8200) participants, including (371) participants of senior executive level. This comes as part of a comprehensive plan that covered a rich and diverse set of (371) professional programs, (121) of which were specialised professional courses, and (48) courses were of strategic value.

Dr. Faisal AlKaabi, Dean of Faculty at Rabdan Academy, said that the Academy had developed in (2022) an integrated strategy to develop professional capacity and enhance the participants’ skills using modern methods, tools and audio-visual education techniques aligned with the best international standards and practices, noting that the Academy is cooperating with World-Leading Academic and Research Institutions to develop specialised programs in accordance with professional development needs, assessment levels and global significant changes.

Dr. AlKaabi added that Rabdan Academy is always keen on building participatory capacities in coordination with various key partners, and to provide specialised advisory services to various entities, that contribute to elevating their cadres, aligning their practices with global organisations and moving forward with confidence towards broader horizons of development at the regional and global levels.

The Academy constantly seeks to strengthen joint cooperation with a number of leading and specialised international organisations in the context of professional development, where the Academy cooperates with Cranfield University, United Kingdom, in providing an exceptional educational experience through one-of-a-kind program consistent with the highest quality standards aimed at developing procurement professional talents. The Academy also provides international accreditation for a number of its professional development programs through cooperation with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the UK's leading awarding body for leadership, management, and coaching qualifications.

Once a professional program is completed, Rabdan Academy evaluates the extent to which the participant benefits from the program, by maintaining consistent coordination with the key partners to follow up and conduct a realistic evaluation of the program impact on post-training job performance, which contributes effectively to establishing an integrated training and educational ecosystem, enriching the professional development programs and employing joint efforts towards designing most valuable training.

The programs are developed and delivered at Rabdan Academy by a global faculty who qualified at the world’s top 200 universities possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in the fields of Safety, Security, Defence, Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management to achieve academic integration, enabling students to experience various practical aspects related to their study.

It is noteworthy that Rabdan Academy is the first of its kind in the UAE in providing a dual curriculum that combines academic and vocational education. The academy provides students with various, carefully prepared options to develop their skills and expertise.