The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs, at the request and invitation of the World Customs Organization, reviewed its experience as best global practices at the WCO Human Capital Management Global Conference, which was held at the organization’s headquarters in the Belgian capital Brussels during the period from 10-11 October, and the World Customs Organization (WCO) Technology Conference, which was organized in Maastricht, the Netherlands from 18-20 October, hosted by the Dutch customs, where it presented its practices in applying the cloud system in human resource management, and the journey of digital development in Abu Dhabi Customs.

Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Secretary-General of the World Customs Organization, received the Abu Dhabi Customs delegation, headed by Fahad Ghareeb Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector. Mikuriya congratulated Abu Dhabi Customs on its exceptional achievements in customs work, appreciating the valuable contributions of the public administration as best global practices through its participation in two global conferences to review its pioneering efforts in establishing an empowered digital institutional environment, implementing comprehensive automation to manage its human capital. Mikuriya additionally congratulated Abu Dhabi Customs for introducing the world to its exceptional experience in developing its services that support the achievement of its strategic vision of being a “globally leading customs authority” that leads change in an effort to enhance security, facilitate trade and provide distinguished services, thus enhancing the prestigious position occupied by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi globally as a major destination for investment and business.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Khaja, Director of Human Resources Department, reviewed Abu Dhabi Customs’ innovative digital experience in the WCO Human Capital Management Global Conference. The Conference was attended by more than 1,200 people from 175 countries, including member customs administrations of the organization, representatives of the private sector, universities and other international organizations.

Dr. Al Khaja participated in a session entitled “Future Work and Innovation in the Workplace for Employee Happiness in the Digital Age”, during which he stressed the importance of human capital as an economic engine for development, highlighting at the same time the efforts of Abu Dhabi Customs to enhance its services and support its human cadres during its strategic transformation journey the implementation of comprehensive automation of human capital management through digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence and advanced technology in the human resources sector to cope with changes, needs and future visions. Additionally, he reviewed the importance of the application of automation at the level of administrative and technical development of human resources in the General Administration of Customs, as Abu Dhabi Customs is the first in the world to implement the Oracle Digital Assistant and the first government agency in the Middle East to implement the Full Oracle HCM Cloud Suite with Analytics project.

In turn, Eng. Khaled Al Marzouqi, Director of the Strategic Planning and Development Department at Abu Dhabi Customs, and Dr. Ibrahim Al Khaja, Director of Human Resources Department, participated in the 2022 WCOTechnology Conference and Exhibition in Maastricht, which was attended by 1,200 participants from 136 countries, through a session entitled: “Facilitating Trade with New Technological Solutions: Customs Success Stories”, during which Eng. Al Marzouqi presented Abu Dhabi Customs’ digital transformation strategy, the benefits and risks of working in a cloud environment. He reviewed the experience of the General Administration in adopting cloud environment solutions and digital transformation, using digital technology to improve main and support services, ensuring the implementation of integrated systems to support data management and information security, and continuous development of technical infrastructure to support operational integration and enhance the effectiveness of human capital. Dr. Al Khaja also presented the lessons learned and success criteria for the international customs community in applying best practices and adopting the experience of Abu Dhabi Customs.