The Abu Dhabi Government and the Government of Moscow, capital of the Russian Federation, today signed a Programme of cooperation to collaborate and strengthen ties of friendship and mutual understanding, deepen and broaden bilateral cooperation, exchange experiences and increase investments in various vital sectors, including economic, cultural, health, education and infrastructure.

The agreement was signed by H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), on behalf of The Abu Dhabi Government, and Sergei Cheryomin, Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow, after discussions on a range of topics that focused on strengthening partnerships and the continuation and development of bilateral cooperation. 

H.E Falah Al Ahbabi pointed out that the programme of cooperation comes within the framework of well-established economic relations and the willingness of the two cities to deepen and expand joint cooperation in vital areas, making extensive use of their capacities and technical skills to provide services and projects that are commensurate with global changes and improve the quality of life and safety of the residents in the cities.H.E. said: "Our leadership is keen, as part of their strategic vision, to establish and strengthen international partnerships in support of sustainable growth objectives, seeking future projects that create more opportunities and embracing the use of modern technologies to enhance the prospects of cooperation between the two cities."H.E. Al Ahbabi added: "The UAE and Abu Dhabi have great capabilities in all fields, which have played a major role in strengthening the UAE's position as a leading global intellectual, cultural and scientific power. We have been able to achieve great success in addressing the challenges of the global pandemic through our achievements in the economy, health, resilience and smart infrastructure sectors. Our cooperation with the Moscow government represents an important outcome of international cooperation based on a common understanding to develop the concept of investment in innovation and people's capabilities as a cornerstone of the sustainable growth process. I have no doubt that cooperation with a leading city like Moscow in these sectors will contribute positively to the realisation of this vision."Sergey Cheremin, Minister of the Government of Moscow and Head of the Department for External Economic and International Relations of Moscow, said: “Today Moscow, as one of the most dynamically developing megacities in the world, has gained vast experience in various fields of urban development and is ready to share it with foreign partners. At the same time Moscow is open to implementation of new projects to be elaborated with Abu Dhabi side. I believe that signing of a Programme of cooperation between the two capitals will define a new stage of collaboration between our cities as well as contribute to the existing partnership ties.”The programme of cooperation between Abu Dhabi and Moscow covers the development of relations in several areas, including economic growth, cultural projects and healthcare, as well as the education and infrastructure sectors, with the objective of stimulating mutual cooperation between the two cities and studying development prospects.

Through this tactical collaboration, both sides seek to boost economic relations for businesses and institutions in their respective cities, enhance trade between them and attract investment for both sides, in addition to encouraging economic and innovative projects and joint activities, including work sponsored by relevant trade unions, associations and chambers of commerce, in order to forge closer economic ties between the business communities.

The agreement also aims to strengthen cooperation between leading academic and research institutions in the field of culture and the arts, as well as to participate and exchange experiences in cultural events such as museums and libraries, music, theatre, film and arts of all kinds.

The program of cooperation will kick-start cooperation in the field of health care and the exchange of good practices and experiences related to the organisation of health services and the provision of medicines, as well as participation in scientific and research events and work on innovative technologies.

The education sector takes its place within the framework of the Program of cooperation in the field of the development of new educational technologies and teaching methods, including digital education, and the exchange of experiences in the field of education quality assessment, as well as the establishment of partnerships at the level of educational institutions both in Moscow and Abu Dhabi.The agreement also focuses on the exchange of experiences and practices in the development of infrastructure and public transportation systems, construction techniques, control and monitoring systems and advanced automation techniques, as well as the development of basic utilities (water and electricity), water supply networks, sewage systems, electricity and street lighting, and the exchange of experiences in the field of urban planning and development, including land use planning, reorganisation and revitalisation of areas, and the design of public spaces and parks.