The UAE Consensus has affirmed the success of the COP28 Presidency in uniting efforts of 197 countries towards a shared vision for the future of climate action.

The UAE Consensus has set new global benchmarks for climate action. The participating nations reached a fair and just agreement aligned with scientific findings, contributing to reducing risks faced by countries most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This achievement strikes a balance between development requirements and climate action.

The hosting of COP28 by the UAE represents a paradigm shift in the mechanics and agenda of COP conferences. The country's adept negotiation strategies and effective management of discussions have established new standards for global climate action success, solidifying its role as a significant contributor to shaping a sustainable future.

COP28 successfully broke the deadlock in climate action, reaching unanimous agreement among participating nations on numerous key issues that had long been stalled in previous conferences.

Building on the accomplishments of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, COP28 operationalised the Loss and Damage Fund and secured early commitments from countries to finance it. It also paved the way for achievements in the upcoming COPs, connecting various UN Climate Change Conferences.

Notably, the COP28 Presidency, in collaboration with the People's Republic of China as the President of COP15 to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), initiated the COP28 Joint Statement on Climate, Nature And People. This statement establishes a framework that facilitates integration between climate action and nature protection in preparation for both the upcoming COP30 for climate and the 16th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The aim is to ensure ongoing collaboration and sustainability across the conferences, fostering a seamless continuity in collective efforts for environmental preservation.

COP28 has notably empowered youth in international climate negotiations, enhancing their role in shaping global climate policies. This was evident in the appointment of Minister of Community Development Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui as the COP28 Youth Climate Champion and the participation of 100 youth delegates representing the world's least-developed countries, small island developing states, Indigenous Peoples, and minority groups.

Furthermore, COP28 Presidency has underscored the vital contribution of women to climate change solutions. Financial assistance and technical training sessions have been provided to encourage greater participation of women delegations. The COP28's Gender Equality Day marked the announcement of a new COP28 Gender-Responsive Just Transitions Climate Action Partnership from the COP28 Presidency, which was endorsed by over 60 Parties.

The following accomplishments stand as a historic legacy in climate action, characterised by tangible progress and decisive actions

-COP28 has mobilised over $83.9 billion in funding, setting the pace for a new era in climate action.

-These include the first-ever declarations on food systems transformation and health, plus declarations on renewable energy and efficiency, as well as initiatives to decarbonise heavy emitting industries.

-11 pledges and declarations have been launched and received historic support.

-On day one of COP28, the Presidency facilitated a historic agreement to operationalise the Loss and Damage Fund, supporting those on the front lines of the climate crisis with $792 million.

-International pledges of $3.5 billion were also announced to renew the resources of the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

- $134 million announced toward the Adaptation Fund

-$129.3 million announced toward the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF)

- $31 million to the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

- UAE launched a $30 billion catalytic fund, ALTÉRRA, to drive positive climate action. The fund seeks to mobilise an additional $250 billion globally.

-The UAE committed $200 million to help vulnerable countries through Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and $150 million to fund water scarcity solutions.

-The World Bank announced an increase of $9 billion annually for 2024 and 2025 to finance climate-related projects. Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) announced a cumulative increase of over $22.6 billion toward climate action.

COP28 announcement to support the nature:

-30 countries have become members of the Mangrove Alliance for Climate (MAC) since COP27, taking the total membership to 37 countries, covering more than 60 percent of the world's mangroves. This initiative led by the UAE and Indonesia drives significant global momentum behind these efforts.

-21 countries formally endorsed the Mangrove Breakthrough, a collaborative effort between the Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA) and the UN Climate Change High-level Champions to restore and protect 15 million hectares of mangroves globally by 2030 through $4 billion of finance.

-The launch of Ghars Al Emarat (UAE Planting Initiative) will see 10 mangrove trees planted for each visitor that attends COP28. This not only reflects the nation's dedication to nature-based solutions for climate change but also contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of conference attendees.

-The launch of an ambitious global marine conservation and climate action initiative, "Ocean Breakthroughs", which also aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

-The adoption of sustainable and climate-smart agricultural practices. This encompasses innovative technologies such as protected, water-efficient, organic, and vertical farming. Also, a commitment to scientific research, addresses challenges in the agricultural sector, including water scarcity, non-arable land, soil salinity, and rising temperatures, achieving numerous milestones in the process.

Landmark Pledges and Declarations:

-The Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge has been endorsed by 130 countries.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Agriculture, Food, Climate has received endorsements from over 150 countries.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate and Health has been endorsed by 141 countries.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate Finance has been endorsed by 13 countries.

-The Global Cooling Pledge has been endorsed by 66 countries.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Climate Relief, Recovery Peace has been endorsed by 78 countries and 40 organisations.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Hydrogen and Derivates has been endorsed by 37 countries.

-The COP28 UAE Declaration on Gender-Responsive Just Transitions has been endorsed by 78 countries.

-The Coalition for High Ambition Multilevel Partnerships (CHAMP) Pledge has been endorsed by 67 countries.

-The Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter has been endorsed by 52 companies, representing 40 percent of global oil production.

-The Industrial Transition Accelerator has been endorsed by 35 companies and six industry associations, including the World Steel Association, International Aluminium Institute, Global Renewable Alliance, Global Cement and Concrete Association, Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, and International Air Transport Association.

-The COP28 Joint Statement on Climate, Nature and People was endorsed by 18 countries who lead 11 biodiversity and climate partnerships across forests, mangroves and the ocean

Financial pledges and contributions:

-Climate Finance: $30 billion from the UAE, $200 million in Special Drawing Rights, and $31.6 billion from Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)

-Renewable Energy: $5 billion

-Green Climate Fund: $3.5 billion (increasing second replenishment to $12.8 billion)

-Food: $3.1 billion

-Health: $2.9 billion

-Nature: $2.6 billion

-Relief, Recovery and Peace: $1.2 billion

-Methane: $1.2 billion

-Loss and Damage Fund: $792 million

-Technology: $568 million

-Local Climate Action: $467 million

-Water: $150 million

-Adaptation Fund: $134 million

-Least Developed Countries Fund: $129.3 million

-Cooling: $57 million

-Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF): $31 million

-Clean Cooking: $30 million

-Gender: $2.8 million

For the first time in COP history, the Ministry of Education hosts the Greening Education Hub themed Legacy from the Land of Zayed, with broad participation from various educational institutions.

The graduation ceremony for the first batch of the UAE Youth Climate Delegates Programme,

Breaking new ground, the Green Zone is positioned next to the Blue Zone, facilitating interaction between decision-makers, officials, individuals, students, societal institutions, and businesses to align conference outcomes with people's aspirations and needs.

COP28 witnessed the response of the first assessment of the Paris Agreement's Global Stocktake.

The COP28 presidency conducts unprecedented open consultations to prepare the conference agenda and the specialised topics programme.

For the first time, global trade is a primary topic at the COP28 agenda, acknowledging its impact on climate issues.

COP28 hosts the Faith Pavilion and the inaugural Indigenous Peoples Pavilion.

The first-ever COP28 Business Philanthropy Climate Forum at COP28.

The first-ever UAE Climate and Health Declaration.

The first-ever Health Day.

The first-ever UAE Declaration on Agriculture, Food Systems and Climate Action.

The first ever Youth Stocktake, a comprehensive analysis of youth involvement in climate diplomacy that presents a strategic blueprint to enhance youth participation in the COP process.

The Food, Agriculture and Water hosts the first-of-its-kind High-Level Ministerial Dialogue on Building Water-Resilient Food Systems.

In a groundbreaking move, the COP28 Presidency announced that 134 world leaders signed up for its landmark agriculture, food and climate action declaration. Also, the mobilisation of more than $2.5 billion in funding to support food security while combatting climate change and a new partnership between the UAE and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for food systems innovation in the fact of climate change.

COP28 represents hope and confidence in international efforts to empower global climate action. It aims to mitigate the impacts of climate change and preserve the rights of future generations worldwide, ensuring a secure and sustainable future through a fair and just agreement that protects humanity as a whole.