The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) has announced that the licensing services related to waste management which are recently handled by Tadweer Group (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company) have been transferred to the EAD. The transfer included licensing and permitting services, tracking and monitoring registered waste vehicles, tariff system, Sector Regulatory Authority (SRA) function for waste sector, inspection and compliance activities on waste traders, transporters, collectors and others. This transition aligns with the shift in responsibilities and authorities following Tadweer Group’s new mandate.

Faisal Ali Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Environmental Quality Sector at EAD, said: "Abu Dhabi will always remain committed to provide a healthy, clean and safe environment for all residents, and the agency, as the competent authority for regulating the waste sector in Abu Dhabi is keen to enhance the waste management sector by developing the relevant regulatory instruments and the general framework for the waste sector to achieve the local and national targets. Also, we strive to ensure adherence of the waste sector to laws and regulations by implementing an effective enforcement and compliance system in the emirate.

"EAD is now the body responsible for issuing licenses and permits for waste management operations, which includes evaluating and licensing waste transportation, trade, and treatment activities, and issuing permits for waste export operations outside the emirate, and small construction projects. Additionally, the agency will act as the Sector Regulatory Authority for the waste sector to assure compliance to occupational safety and health management system.

"The transfer of services from Tadweer Group to the Environment Agency took place smoothly, without affecting customers and environmental service providers in Abu Dhabi, as the process is visible to customers only through the interface that is used to access waste management services – such as TAMM and Meps, the government digital services platforms. We will work closely with our strategic partners to ensure the waste management sector applies best practices, while always putting customers first."

EAD will issue licenses for the Environmental Service Providers (ESPs) that work in Waste Collection and Transportation, Waste Trading, and Waste Treatment. Additionally, permit categories that are shifted to EAD include Waste Export outside the Emirate and Construction and Demolition NOCs.

EAD will also manage all the inspection and violation tasks of Environmental Services Providers (ESPs), waste generators and any illegal activities and practices.

For monitoring and control, EAD will oversee waste transportation activities through the continuous monitoring of waste routes, from the start point to final destination. This will include the installation of GPS devices on waste vehicles and the monitoring of waste transportation activities, which will enable EAD to monitor illegal dumping locations, track vehicle movements at facilities and waste disposal sites, monitor non-compliance practices by facility operators and violations of applicable rules and regulations.

EAD will track the movement of waste outside Abu Dhabi and monitor the transport of hazardous waste and assure implementation of legal actions against any illegal activities.

EAD will also receive and handle customer inquiries and respond to complaints related to waste licensing through the approved channels and methods that are implemented at the emirate to provide excellent customer service.

On the other hand, the operational activities for the waste management will remain with Tadweer Group such as permitting for landfill access and food disposal as well as NOI for large development projects.