Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has participated in UAE Innovation Month 2024 by showcasing a range of innovative programmes and activities in the field of agriculture, both plant and animal, and food safety.

The event was held at the Agricultural Oasis at the Sheikh Zayed Festival in Al Wathba from 20-25 February 2024 under the theme ADAFSA Innovates, providing an ideal platform for ADAFSA's innovators and influencers to showcase their innovations and highlighting the importance of innovation, technology and scientific research in enhancing food and agriculture sustainability.

The ADAFSA Innovates exhibition covers diverse areas, including aquaculture, the first bio-bank for reference samples of camel diseases and innovations in the export and import programme. Through this event, ADAFSA aims to attract exhibitors to highlight progress and innovation in these important areas.

Omar Ali Al Shammari, Acting Executive Director of the Strategy and Policies Sector at ADAFSA, said: "We firmly believe that innovation is the cornerstone of achieving agricultural and food sustainability in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and our participation in UAE Innovation Month 2024 reaffirms our commitment to supporting innovation in various areas of our work.

Shammari elaborated that ADAFSA is committed to supporting innovators in the field of agriculture and food safety by providing them with a supportive and encouraging environment.

Shammari said: "We hope that our involvement in the UAE Innovation Month 2024 will help spread the culture of innovation within the agricultural and food sector, propelling us towards greater sustainability in this vital field.

"The ADAFSA Innovates event is an excellent opportunity to showcase our latest innovations in the field of agriculture and food safety, and we hope that these innovations will inspire those involved in the agriculture and food sector and encourage them to participate in the innovation journey."

Shammari concluded by reiterating ADAFSA's commitment to leveraging innovation to achieve its strategic goals: enhancing agricultural production efficiency, guaranteeing food safety, protecting the environment, securing agricultural sector sustainability, and achieving global leadership in food security.