A delegation from the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), represented by the Applied Research and Capacity Building Division, has participated in a scientific symposium on UAE-Korea research cooperation for smart agriculture. The symposium was held from 28 - 30 June 2023 in the Republic of Korea.

The symposium reviewed the results of research and experiments related to two research cooperation projects between ADAFSA and the Rural Development Department of the Republic of Korea.

Three researchers from ADAFSA presented three lectures during the symposium, which focused on the results of the Korean Protected House project aiming to develop a smart cultivation system that utilises advanced technologies to monitor and control environmental factors affecting plant growth.

The researchers also reviewed the results of the project to support the geophysical and biological follow-up of palms, which aims to evaluate the technology of sap flow sensors in the early detection of red palm weevil infection.

During the symposium, the ADAFSA delegation discussed the successes achieved in the field of research cooperation between the UAE and Korea, and the future aspirations for the sustainability of cooperation and research work between ADAFSA and the Rural Development Department.

ADAFSA’s participation in the symposium stems from its vital role in conducting studies and applied research related to its fields of work, promoting sustainable agricultural development through the protection of natural resources related to its field of work, and cooperating and coordinating with research and studies centres, universities and international organisations concerned with the fields of agriculture in both plant and animal sectors, food safety and biosecurity.

ADAFSA is the local government authority for agriculture, food safety, food security and biosecurity in Abu Dhabi. It aims to develop a sustainable sector in the field of agriculture, food safety and protection of plant and animal health to contribute to the enhancement of biosecurity and achievement of food security. ADAFSA is also responsible for preparing plans, programmes and activities in the field of agriculture, food safety and food security.