The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, has been appointed as the new President of the World Association of Nuclear Operators’ (WANO) after winning the voting conducted during the WANO’s Biennial General Meeting (BGM) at Prague, Czech Republic. Through the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, a major strategic energy infrastructure project, the UAE is recognized as a global nuclear energy success story, demonstrating that nuclear energy is an essential climate solution that is having a real impact on the ground today. 

The selection of ENEC’s MD & CEO as the latest President and the First Arab to handle this position, also serves to highlight the UAE’s continued collaboration with the global nuclear community, and the high standards of safety, security and performance that ENEC adheres to across all aspects of its nuclear program. WANO’s mission is to maximize the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide, and the group includes more than 120 members responsible for operating more than 430 nuclear energy reactors around the world.

In his new role, His Excellency will lead WANO’s Governing Board, featuring three members from each regional center, and promote direct engagement of members at a high level, to successfully implement WANO’s mission. ENEC joined WANO in October 2010, and His Excellency was elected to the WANO Atlanta Center Governing Board in August 2015.

“The UAE is a global leader in nuclear energy development, with the Barakah Plant implementing the best practice and cumulative experience of the global nuclear energy industry. It is an honor to be appointed President of WANO, yet another example of the international community’s confidence in the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, a global nuclear energy success story. Since its inception, the UAE Program has been supported by an extensive network of international organizations and collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned experts in nuclear energy. The UAE Program and the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant have demonstrated how nuclear energy projects can be delivered safely, successfully and competitively to accelerate decarbonization of the power sector and power our path to Net Zero. My appointment further strengthens the excellent relationship we have enjoyed since joining WANO in 2010, and my subsequent appointment to the WANO Atlanta Centre Governing Board in August 2015. I look forward to engaging with fellow Board members to continue to promote the highest levels of safety and reliability at all nuclear power plants around the world.” said H.E Al Hammadi.

WANO is committed to meeting the ambitious 2030 industry targets, helping every country and company involved in commercial nuclear operations achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety through the exchange of information and best practices. ENEC has been an active WANO member since 2010, regularly participating in the organization’s workshops, events, training programs and peer reviews. On the first day of the BGM, His Excellency participated in the CEO Executive Session, an invitation-only session, and gave a 10-minute presentation on engaging new entrants in the industry.

The mission of WANO’s Governing Board is to maximize the safety and reliability of nuclear power plants worldwide, promoting a strong worldwide spirit of cooperation between WANO members at the highest level.

With both Units 1 and 2 generating clean electricity every minute of the day and with Unit 3 close to commercial operations – the Barakah Plant is spearheading the decarbonization of the UAE’s power sector and forms an essential component of the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 Strategy. The nuclear sector as whole is a vital part of the UAE’s clean energy ecosystem of low-carbon technologies, ensuring the reliability, efficiency and resilience of the UAE grid for at least the next 60 years.

Barakah is just the beginning, comprising 20% of the UAE Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program. With abundant clean electricity flowing 24/7, ENEC is now focused on exploring and incubating strategic investments in nuclear energy locally and internationally that support the growth and development goals of the UAE.