His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim Al Hammadi, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s (ENEC) Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, has received the Presidential Citation from the American Nuclear Society (ANS). The award was presented during the 2023 ANS Annual Meeting, taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, between 11-14 June 2023.

The Presidential Citation award was presented to His Excellency Al Hammadi during the President’s Plenary Session of the 2023 ANS Annual Meeting, held under the theme of Failure is not an Option.

According to ANS, the award was presented to His Excellency Al Hammadi for his visionary leadership in leading the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the successful development of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant. The citation also recognised his demonstration to policy makers around the world that nuclear energy is a viable clean energy solution and recognised that his management has been instrumental in the delivery of the Barakah Plant and the nuclear infrastructure needed to support it.

The ANS is the premier organisation for those that embrace the nuclear sciences and technologies for their vital contributions to improving people’s lives and preserving the planet. Looking ahead to celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2024, ANS is committed to advancing, fostering and promoting the development and application of nuclear sciences and technologies to benefit society.

The President of the ANS may present one or more presidential citations to individuals who, in their opinion, have demonstrated outstanding effort in some manner for the benefit of the society and/or the nuclear community.

His Excellency Al Hammadi is the first Emirati and first Arab President of the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), after being voted in by members during the WANO Biennial General Meeting (BGM) in Prague, Czech Republic in October 2022. In addition, His Excellency Al Hammadi was elected as Chair Elect of the Board of Directors of the World Nuclear Association (WNA) earlier in 2023.

The Barakah Plant, a nation-defining strategic energy project, provides significant environmental benefits for the nation today, and for the next 60 years and beyond. The first multi-unit operating Plant in the Arab world, Barakah already powers more than 80 per cent of the lean electricity in Abu Dhabi.

The plant has three commercially operating nuclear reactors, generating up to 4,200 MW of baseload, reliable, clean electricity 24/7, with a fourth has now moved into operational readiness preparations. Playing a significant role in the UAE’s clean energy transition, ENEC and its subsidiaries are now one unit away from completing the four-unit Barakah Plant and realising its commitment to deliver up to 25% of the UAE’s electricity demands.