Rabdan Academy has achieved international accreditation from Pearson BTEC, a global leader in awarding academic and professional qualifications and conducting accreditation assessments.

The accreditation enables Rabdan Academy to offer an array of specialised capacity building and professional development programmes from BTEC qualifications, curated by a panel of experts and specialists from across the globe. As a result, the participants will earn internationally recognised certificates.

His Excellency Salem Al Saeedi, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, emphasised the significance of this milestone in aligning with the academy's 2025 vision. The vision aims to establish Rabdan Academy as a preeminent institution for education, training and research in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management on a global scale.

Excellency Salem Al Saeedi also highlighted the academy's commitment to collaborating with strategic partners to ensure that the national workforce benefits from this new global accreditation, underlining the academy's dedication to working closely with relevant national institutions, with the ultimate objective of enhancing the national resilience system.

Ian Bani, Pearson Work Force Skills Regional Manager in MENA and Turkey,  said: “With Pearson BTEC accreditation for the specialised programmes offered by Rabdan Academy, it will unlock a world of limitless opportunities for Rabdan learners across the UAE. This partnership vividly showcases our dedication to delivering the highest quality in academic and professional development, paving the way for the future of education while nurturing talent and excellence."  

Under this new accreditation, Rabdan Academy will commence the delivery of several international programmes, including but not limited to the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, the Level 3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment and the Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice.

The qualifications that Rabdan Academy provides at its Abu Dhabi campus will contribute to the development of specialised professionals, enhancing their skills and knowledge through the latest technologies. They will also strengthen the vocational education and training system in the country, improve evaluation practices in the technical and vocational fields and align with the highest international competence standards.

Rabdan Academy has gained international recognition for its capacity-building and professional development initiatives. It offers world-class programmes and holds accreditations from prestigious organisations including, the Global Innovation Institute, the ILM, as well as the National Open College Network (NOCN), among other local and international accrediting bodies. The academy is an active member of the European Foundation for Quality Management.

Established in 2015, the Vocational Education Division at Rabdan Academy supports capacity building and professional development in the country. It boasts a team of experts, trainers and consultants with diverse global experiences, enriching participants' knowledge and enhancing their skills.