Rabdan Academy, a specialised institution in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness, and crisis management, has announced the launch of an exceptional summer camp aimed at empowering leaders of tomorrow. The Jahzeen Ya Watan camp is part of a comprehensive initiative in collaboration with relevant government and national entities.

The Jahzeen Ya Watan summer camp, scheduled to take place from 10 to 27 July 2023, at Rabdan Academy's main campus in Abu Dhabi, seeks to utilise students' free time during the summer break by enriching their knowledge, skills, and abilities through a diverse range of educational and interactive activities and workshops.

This initiative focuses on several strategic pillars, including the development of leadership, community engagement and cultural skills of the participants. It also aims to strengthen national identity by introducing participants to prominent national characters and offering practical workshops, panel discussions, and community trips.

James Morse, President of Rabdan Academy, expressed the Academy’s commitment to human development and credited the exceptional leadership of the United Arab Emirates for inspiring this initiative. He emphasised that the camp is designed to provide participants with essential skills, knowledge, and abilities for a promising future. The programme aims to enhance self-reliance, independence, creativity, emotional intelligence, analytical and critical thinking, decision-making skills, communication with others, and other necessary skills for the current era.

The camp will feature a wide array of events, activities, exploratory field visits, and interactive workshops. Participants will engage in successful team-building activities, attend workshops on innovative and unconventional solutions, and benefit from specialised sessions on topics such as artificial intelligence, sustainability, communication and presentation skills, leadership, social media management, personal growth, and development.

In addition to these educational aspects, the camp will offer various competitions, recreational activities, and interactive experiences like crime scene simulations, first aid training, safety and fire prevention skills, time management exercises, and more. As part of a unique approach, Rabdan Academy students from master's, bachelor's, and diploma programmes will actively participate in the camp's activities, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise to the next generation.

Registration for the Jahzeen Ya Watan camp is open until 16 June 2023, by visiting here.