Rabdan Academy, a global leader in safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis management, achieved significant success in elevating its international standing 2023, enhancing its academic, research and training outcomes.

Throughout 2023, Rabdan Academy celebrated the graduation of more than 500 participants in various academic programs, including postgraduate programs, such as Master of Science in Systems Engineering, specialising in defence, Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis, and Master of Science in Policing and Security Leadership.

Rabdan Academy offers a leading multicultural faculty of more than 40 nationalities, 90% of whom hold doctoral degrees, with 70% having graduated from the world's top 200 universities.

Rabdan Academy executed numerous specialised programs in security, defence, business continuity, risk management and more throughout 2023, offering 583 courses and vocational training programs to 9,671 participants from 22 government entities, with a satisfaction rate of 97%.

H.E. Salem Saeed Al Saeedi, Vice President of Rabdan Academy, indicated that the goals outlined in the Academy's vision 2025 have served as the foundation for its developmental strategies in recent years, fortifying its standing as a global leader in education, research and training within the realms of safety, security, defence, emergency preparedness and crisis Management.

His Excellency expressed appreciation to the members of the Academy’s Board of Trustees for their guidance and support in advancing the Academy’s strategic plans and aspirations, and commended the dedicated efforts of the Academy’s staff, faculty and students.

Rabdan Academy enhanced its global standing in terms of research by publishing more than 475 specialised research papers, analyses and strategic studies in domains such as police, security, defence, business continuity, preparedness and crisis management. Collaborating with 20 government entities, 15 leading institutions, and 38 universities globally ranked within the top 200, the Academy has contributed extensively to the international body of research.

The Academy has managed in a relatively short period of time since its establishment ten years ago, to have some of its publications listed among Stanford University's list of world’s top scientists. The quality of the Academy’s published research is recognised internationally, with a field weight citation impact that is significantly above the world average value. Rabdan Academy also elevated its contribution to innovation by filing four patents internationally, with two having already been granted.

In 2023, Rabdan Academy secured high-level international accreditations, becoming the First Authorized University Provider in UAE by the Global Innovation Institute (GInI). It achieved global accreditation from ‘City and Guilds’, ‘Pearson BTEC,’ the European Foundation for Quality Management, and also secured accreditation from the Ministry of Defence's Military Qualifications Centre.

Rabdan Academy inaugurated the first Centre of Excellence, dedicated to addressing major fires among 12 centres of excellence, as part of an integrated national project  it led, covering various topics related to emergencies and crises.

The Academy also expanded its strategic partnerships, adding 11 international and local entities to its list of partners in 2023. These include specialised security and defence institutions, high-level research study centres and prestigious international universities, aligning with its strategic participatory vision.