For World Teachers’ Day 2023, under the theme The teachers we need for the education we want and marked on 5 October each year, Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) has honoured teachers under the slogan Without you, we would not be.

ECAE highlighted the vast amount of credit educators and teachers deserve and their vital and essential role in teaching future generations, as they pioneer educational and learning processes across various specialisations and educational stages in the UAE.

Dr. May Al-Taee, Vice Chancellor of the ECAE, said: "The ECAE ceaselessly strives to support educators and empower them to attain the highest levels of continuous development in the educational ecosystem through academic excellence, while also improving the profession's attractiveness and highlighting its importance in the UAE and society to inspire citizens to become educators. A teacher’s duty is immense, as educating future generations is a noble undertaking. Educators are beacons of knowledge; they are fundamental pillars in the regeneration of nations and peoples and the development of various sectors.

"UNESCO estimates that the world will need 69+ million new teachers by 2030. As we contemplate this data, we in the education sector must generate suitable opportunities and build capacities to attract and employ national talents in this key profession, while also upskilling educators, developing their quality of life, and futureproofing them. This occasion calls on all of us to express our gratitude to all teachers and educators in the UAE, as well as our pride in them. We assure them that we are always prepared to provide them with all means of support that enrich their journey in this great profession."

In conjunction with World Teachers' Day 2023, the ECAE confirms its commitment to empowering educators and supporting their growth, providing them with the best practices, skills, and expertise to perform their critical and pivotal role in shaping the UAE's future through its students. Students will be provided quality academic programmes that will enhance the capabilities of educators to provide a pioneering and innovative educational experience, based on the best international practices that are built on scientific research and studies in learning.