As part of its ongoing innovation in developing the future educational leaders, Emirates College for Advanced Education has launched the “iRead” initiative. This vital academic step is in line with the UAE’s vision into creating a knowledge culture and to enrich the society on the importance of reading for a better professional and personal lifestyle. This initiative is free to subscribe, and its sessions will be on every Friday at the Library and Learning Supporting Hub of Emirates College for Advanced Education, from 09:00 am to 11:30 am.

The” iRead” initiative target a focus group, who are students and teachers from all ESE schools. ESE Emirates Schools Establishment will play a key role in coordinating with schools and other entities to pay a visit to ECAE’s Library and Learning Support Hub for the “iRead” activities. The segments of students that this initiative focuses on are on Kindergarten, Cycle 1, Cycle 2 and Cycle 3.  The “iRead” initiative will not only be a gathering place for students and teachers to just read, but it will teach them what lies beyond the art reading. Through a set of interactive activities, teachers will enhance their skills on how make children admire reading as a passion, not as a task.

“It is an initiative to encourage our children to read and gain knowledge.  utilizing the power of knowledge to proudly and professionally overcome any challenge for their beloved country, the UAE!” – H.E. Dr. May Al Taee, Vice Chancellor of Emirates College for Advanced Education stated.

The initiative of “iRead” will be hosted at ECAE’s Library and Learning Support Hub. Successful Emirati Young Writers will be invited to share their success stories with audience of the same age. This will inspire students to become insatiable readers for seeking knowledge and professional development.

The state-of-the-art educational means of teaching reading will be presented at the “iRead” initiative.  However, the other unique part of this initiative is highlighting the positive effect of “reading” for children’s general health if not only the mental health.  Pediatricians will be involved in this initiative to present their knowledge on how healthy it is to read and to place emphasis on the fact that every reader has a Bill of Rights.