Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) is progressing in educating Emirati students on the values and culture of the UAE after eight schools were ranked as Outstanding as part of its National Identity Mark inspection, demonstrating the quality of national identity programmes across the emirate.

The first phase of inspection cycle for the National Identity Mark covered 87 of the emirate's private schools.

The National Identity Mark is the UAE’s first annual school evaluation system designed to empower parents with valuable insights into the quality of national identity programmes and related activities within the emirate's private schools.

Following the launch of the inspection framework in May 2023, ADEK dedicated a team of Emirati inspectors to evaluate 87 private schools with the highest number of Emirati students. Of these schools, eight received an Outstanding evaluation for demonstrating exceptional understanding and implementation of the UAE's traditions, customs, and values across their programs and student activities. A further 21 schools received Good, while 35 received Acceptable, and 23 received Weak evaluations.    

The National Identity Mark inspections assessed national identity integration within the schools’ curriculum and provisions as well as its impact on students. The inspection framework covered the three key dimensions of the National Identity Mark: Culture, which included history, heritage, and Arabic language; Values, which included respect, compassion, and global understanding; and Citizenship, which covered belonging, volunteering and conservation.

ADEK’s inspection team will revisit the 87 already assessed private schools during the next academic year 2023/24 to ensure their continued adherence to the framework and evaluate ongoing efforts to improve tailored national identity programmes and activities. The next cycle of inspection visits will commence next academic year to inspect private schools with Emirati population among its students.

Following every inspection cycle, the emirate's private schools will receive comprehensive reports outlining improvement recommendations to enhance students' experiences and sense of belonging and pride.

While prioritising schools with the highest number of Emirati students in future inspection cycles, ADEK encourages private schools without national enrolment to opt for evaluations of relevant activities designed to engage expatriate students with the country's rich heritage and deep-rooted traditions.

The National Identity Mark rankings are assessed separately from ADEK’s Irtiqa’a Inspection, which covers the performance standards of Abu Dhabi's private schools and provides recommendations for improved performance.