More private schools in Abu Dhabi have been recognised for their efforts to strengthen UAE National students’ knowledge of Emirati traditions, customs, and values. Following a phased approach of the National Identity Mark inspections conducted by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), 153 schools have been evaluated. To date, there are eight Outstanding private schools in National Identity, 33 Good, and 79 Acceptable. A total of 33 schools rated Weak, while other private schools are yet to be assessed.

Dr Sara Al Suwaidi, Education Quality Assurance and Monitoring Office Director at ADEK, said: “We strongly encourage all schools, regardless of their intake of Emirati students, to continue developing national identity programmes that are integrated into the curricula by engaging the entire school community, including parents, to create an enriched learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.

“While we are disappointed that no school has attained an Outstanding ranking in this latest phase of assessments, there appears to be renewed determination among schools to continually improve and utilise the framework to continue providing parents with a comprehensive overview of the schools’ national identity effectiveness. Our aim is to empower all parents to make informed decisions when choosing a school that not only excels academically but also enriches their child’s understanding of and connection to Emirati culture and values.”

Six schools evaluated during the first phase of inspections requested to be reassessed, with Yasmina Private School making a qualitative two-rate jump from Weak to Good, one progressing from Acceptable to Good and one progressing from Weak to Acceptable, while two schools remained the same. Further inspections will cover 60 private schools before the end of the academic year.

The National Identity Mark covers three domains: Culture, including history, heritage, and Arabic language; Values including respect, compassion, and global understanding; and Citizenship, including belonging, volunteering, and conservation.

The National Identity Mark rankings are assessed separately from ADEK’s Irtiqa’a Inspection, which covers the performance standards of Abu Dhabi's private schools and provides recommendations for improved performance.