The UAEU Science and Innovation Park conducted the first session of a series of 3-day-training workshops: "Entrepreneurship Skills", in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Chamber, targeting students from all academic disciplines, presented by Shamma Salem Al Darmaki, a specialist for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs.

The series of workshops aims to introduce students to the concept of entrepreneurship and the skills that a person must acquire and be present in a successful entrepreneur. It also aims to introduce them to the project planning and execution, learning about the entrepreneurial model, and the most important skills that an entrepreneur must have in order to be successful.

Shamma Al Darmaki said “There is a basic set of skills that an entrepreneur needs: It is the process of starting or designing a new project, the need to have the ability and desire to develop and organize a project, to have courage, intelligence, creative thinking skills, and to study all phases of the project.”Therefore, we must know the basic skills that an entrepreneur must possess to achieve success, which are ability to plan, communicate effectively, have leadership experience, manage priorities, and make decisions.