Strata Manufacturing PJSC (Strata), a leading provider of advanced manufacturing in the UAE, has expanded its capabilities with the addition of state-of-the-art hot press equipment and technology, supporting the development of Abu Dhabi’s aerospace industry through innovation and application of advanced technology. This significant achievement marks a major milestone for Strata as it further expands its existing work packages in collaboration with Pilatus Aircraft Limited (Pilatus), the renowned Swiss aircraft manufacturer.

Hot press curing, an advanced technology used by Strata to produce composite parts, has become an integral part of the company's manufacturing process. This cutting-edge technique enables the production of composite components with enhanced strength, durability and precision, ensuring the highest quality standards for aerospace applications.

Strata's hot press equipment and technology will primarily be utilised for manufacturing parts for Pilatus PC-24 and potentially PC-12 aircraft and is easily transferable to other aircraft types. With the hot press equipment and technology now fully operational, Strata has already commenced production activities.

Ismail Ali Abdulla, Managing Director & CEO of Strata, said: "The successful installation and completion of the hot press equipment and technology is a testament to Strata's unwavering commitment to innovation and our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the aerospace industry. This milestone represents a significant step forward in our collaboration with Pilatus and highlights our continuous efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions to our partners. We are proud to contribute to the growth of the UAE's aerospace sector and reinforce our position as a global leader in advanced composite manufacturing."

Roman Emmenegger, Vice President of Manufacturing of Pilatus, said: "We are thrilled to witness the successful installation and commencement of production using Strata's hot press equipment and technology. This development is of great significance for our partnership with Strata and highlights our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of aerospace manufacturing. The utilisation of the hot press equipment and technology will undoubtedly expand the potential for Strata in the manufacturing of composite parts for our aircrafts. We look forward to continuing our longstanding collaboration with Strata and delivering exceptional products to our customers."

Strata's dedication to nurturing local talent and contributing to the Emirati workforce is evident in its composition, with 70% of the team comprising Emirati professionals. This commitment to localisation, showcases Strata's investment in the development of the nation's aerospace industry and underscores its commitment to national talent development and creating sustainable employment opportunities for UAE nationals.