The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development has launched the ‘AD SME Tribe’, an online community platform, enabling the growth of enterprises through community-focused guidance and meaningful connections.

The SME support network is the latest addition to the Fund’s growing portfolio of initiatives to support development of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Khalifa Fund’s new initiative aims to create a dedicated community through which SMEs can connect with stakeholders, such as service providers, policy makers and Abu Dhabi’s priority sector leaders, inspiring fresh perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in today’s business climate. By bringing together SMEs with professional communities, the Fund is supporting Abu Dhabi Government’s vision, opening new doors of creativity and unlocking the full potential of SMEs to boost productivity across the emirate.

Through a series of three 90-minute virtual meetups and four workshops, SMEs can access expert advice with thought-provoking discussions, ideas and innovation to bolster their business. The first meet-up, via the online platform, is scheduled for 18 October, following the second on 15 November and the third on 14 December.

Themed questions to be raised in the sessions include, most memorable moments of the business, what worked and what could be improved, and the kind of business solutions that could resonate the most with customers, through sharing success stories and most memorable moments. This level of guidance aims to give SMEs what they need to grow and prosper.

Khalifa Fund, through AD SME Tribe, will support enterprises across four pillars that will offer: 

  • - A hub to connect, engage, collaborate, transform and grow
  • - Opportunities to foster relationships among industry leaders
  • - Access to experts, buyers and knowledge
  • - New ideas through access to technology and innovation

Mouza Al Nasri, Acting CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, stated: “Engagement is an intrinsic part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and can often be the key to success for SMEs in adapting to the ever-evolving needs and demands of business and its customers. SMEs make a substantial impact to business turnover and by bringing professional minds together, Khalifa Fund is enabling SMEs to develop skills that reflect those demands, and in turn help us build a more productive and prosperous community for everyone.

“With our strong portfolio of professionals in priority sectors across Abu Dhabi and our firm presence in the local arena, the Fund has built and maintained a trusted reputation, which is vital to this online platform and level of engagement.

“By delivering this unique community experience, full of potential ideas and collaboration, the Fund wants AD SME Tribe to become a go-to hub for professionals to reach their full potential by remaining dynamic and exciting to their customers.”