The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has honored Abu Dhabi's distinguished farmers in recognition of their efforts in applying the best farming practices and modern technologies on their farms, to promote local production diversity of vegetables and fruits.

The recognition was attended by Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Chairman of the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation, H.E. Mubarak Ali Al Qusaili Al Mansoori, Executive Director of ADAFSA's Agricultural Affairs Sector, some farmers and ADAFSA's staff.

The farmers were recognized during a meeting organized by ADAFSA at its main building in Abu Dhabi. This recognition reflects ADAFSA's efforts to encourage farmers utilize their farms by applying the best practices to promote sustainable agricultural development, improve local agricultural products, preserve the environment, meet the market need, and enhance food security in Abu Dhabi.

At the beginning of the meeting, H.E. Mubarak Ali Al Qusaili Al Mansoori welcomed the attendees, praising their role in advancing farms and promoting high-quality local produce in markets. He urged all farmers to follow in the footsteps of those who succeeded in developing their farms.

According to Al Mansoori, ADAFSA gives much attention to support farmers by empowering them with the best practices and modern techniques to ensure production diversification, reduce costs, and yield profitable returns by producing high-quality products.

"Despite the climatic conditions, water scarcity and high salinity rates, we were able to overcome difficulties facing the agriculture sector in Abu Dhabi, thanks to our wise leadership's support and efforts of farmers."

By applying the best farming practices, many farmers have succeeded in growing various varieties of productive trees demanded by consumers and traders, such as different types of palm, citrus, mango and vegetable trees, Al Mansoori noted.

At the end of the meeting, farmers shared their success stories. A farmer highlighted his experience with growing fig and lemon seedlings imported from Egypt and Thailand with the technical support from ADAFSA's extension staff. His farm's produce of fig and lemon witnessed increased demand in the local market.

Another farmer has shared his experience in growing Majdool dates after following ADAFSA's guidelines. Some farmers also showcased their success stories in growing other crops, such as mango, papaya, grafted sidr and others.

On the other hand, farmers indicated the importance of transferring their experiences to their peers through ADAFSA's extension staff, stressing that farms can yield profitable returns by growing many products using modern agricultural techniques.

The attendees thanked ADAFSA for its continuous efforts and support, which contributes to helping them manage their farms optimally.