As part of its efforts to implement international best practices, The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs will launch improvements to the pre-arrival clearance system and truck transit permits at Al Ghuwaifat border crossing.

Through the Request to Issue Truck Crossing Permit service, this will facilitate the issuing the customs declaration before the arrival of transport trucks to the land border crossing, supporting the regulation of passage, enhancing fluidity and contributing to reducing clearance and release times for goods to facilitate trade movement across the emirate.

The improvements will take effect starting 18 September 2023 through the Ghuwaifat land border crossing as a first phase, where the mandatory preparation of customs declarations in advance will be applied by entering goods data and the necessary attachments for the clearance process. There will also be an issuing process for a Truck Crossing Permit before arriving at Al Ghuwaifat land border crossing.

The improvements to the pre-arrival clearance system and truck crossing permits at Al Ghuwaifat border crossing will require, in the case of exiting the country, a loaded truck crossing permit, where the customs declaration number is entered. The Saudi clearance permit information Fasah, and specifying the arrival date to the corresponding border crossing is also required to obtain the transit permit.

In the case of entering the country, a loaded truck transit permit will be automatically issued with the completed customs declaration, and before the truck departs the opposite crossing.

The system aims for advanced preparedness to deal with clearance procedures for shipments before they arrive at the border crossing, as well as employing and analysing the data entered in the truck movement permits system. This is to explore ways to facilitate traders, clearing agents and the business sector, especially with regard to clearance time, inspection and transit times from the border crossing.

His Excellency Mubarak Matar Al Mansoori, Executive Director of Customs Operations Sector at Abu Dhabi Customs, said that improving the pre-arrival clearance system and truck crossing permits at Al Ghuwaifat border crossing comes within the framework of Abu Dhabi Customs' ongoing efforts under the Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience. This is to elevate the level of services and increase customs facilitations provided to customers and raise the level of trust between parties in the public and private sectors. The improvements also help organise the movement of goods and means of transport through border crossings, and prevent congestion by organising truck schedules and aligning them with working hours at the country's border crossings and neighboring countries.