Abu Dhabi Customs has disposed and recycled 6,665 counterfeit items worth an estimated AED10 million for more than 30 global trademarks seized across customs centres during the second half of 2023.

The range of counterfeit goods that were subsequently recycled included women's bags, shoes, wristwatches, clothing, as well as various electronic devices such as smartwatches, chargers and pens.

The counterfeit goods were disposed of after meeting the environmental and legal requirements at the logistics area of Abu Dhabi Customs' airport centre, in the presence of the disposal committee team and Shredex, a specialised recycling company.

Fahad Ghareeb Al Shamsi, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector at Abu Dhabi Customs, said: “Abu Dhabi Customs attaches the utmost importance to protecting intellectual property rights and is committed to safeguarding the community from the harm of counterfeit goods and their health, environmental and economic risks. Abu Dhabi Customs will firmly confront any attempts to infringe on trademark rights, as these efforts contribute to improving the investment environment and business environment in the emirate.

“We are constantly working to improve the level of performance in protecting IP rights by raising security readiness, honing inspection capabilities at customs centres, and sharpening staff skills through training courses and awareness workshops. Throughout 2023, more than 25 training workshops were conducted to educate employees on how to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine goods, benefiting a total of 856 employees. In addition, Abu Dhabi Customs strives to strengthen cooperation with strategic partners and foster relationships with companies and trademark owners to combat counterfeit goods by disposing and recycling them according to the UAE's environmental health protection regulations. Abu Dhabi Customs also aims to raise awareness among consumers about the detrimental effects of using or trading counterfeit goods on society and the country's economy.”