Abu Dhabi Customs has been listed as one of the Best Workplaces in the Middle East in the Large Organizations category and awarded the Great Place to Work certification for 2023 by the Global American Authority Great Place to Work®, which specialises in high-trust work environments, becoming the first government entity in the emirate to receive this certification for the second consecutive year.

The award was based on a trust index survey, measuring and evaluating employee experiences at Abu Dhabi Customs. The evaluation relied on key assessment criteria in which Abu Dhabi Customs achieved high rates, including the effectiveness and impact of internal communication between the leadership team and employees, the employee's sense of pride in the work they perform, wellbeing and achieving a balance between personal life and work. The other key assessment criteria included management's ability to embrace and develop the competence of creative and innovative employees, team spirit and collective work, Abu Dhabi Customs' corporate identity and culture and social responsibility.

The participation rate of employees in the survey was 95% and Abu Dhabi Customs surpassed the national survey results for 2023, achieving a total score of 86%.

Abu Dhabi Customs being certified as a Great Place to Work for the second consecutive year and being listed as one of the Best Workplaces in the Middle East for Large Organizations reaffirms its efforts in establishing a positive work environment. This environment enhances employee wellbeing and loyalty, supports and encourages a culture of creativity and excellence by applying the best practices and standards to achieve global leadership aligned with its strategic vision. The recognision also enables Abu Dhabi Customs to keep pace with the aspirations and ambitions of wise leadership to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world, in harmony with the UAE Centennial 2071.