Abu Dhabi Customs has participated in the 2023 World Customs Organisation Technology Conference, in coordination with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, hosted by Vietnam Customs in Hanoi during October 2023.

Abu Dhabi Customs showcased their experience as one of the best global practices in the field of cybersecurity and business continuity, in addition to presenting the features of its AI-powered smart classification tool.

Abu Dhabi Customs' participation in the international conference aimed to highlight its pioneering efforts in establishing an empowered digital institutional environment and introducing the world to its exceptional experience in developing its services and customs systems that support the achievement of its strategic vision to be a world-class customs authority. Abu Dhabi Customs also showcased how it is driving change to enhance security and trade facilitation and provide distinguished services. Abu Dhabi Customs received international acclaim from the participants from around the world, totalling 800 participants.

Eng. Khalid Al Marzooqi, Director of the Development and Strategic Planning Division at Abu Dhabi Customs, participated in two sessions at the event. The first session, titled Building Flexible Customs Systems: Cybersecurity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning in the Digital Age, Al Marzooqi discussed Abu Dhabi Customs' experience and achievements in cybersecurity and business continuity. Al Marzooqi also spoke about the use of digital technology to ensure the implementation of integrated systems to support data and information security management, and the continuous development of technical infrastructure to support operational integration and business continuity. During the second session, titled TECH TALK, Al Marzooqi gave a presentation on the AI-powered smart classification tool and its positive impact on the customs work system and trade facilitation.

A delegation from Abu Dhabi Customs, led by Fahed Gharib Al Shamsi, the Executive Director of Support Services, held a meeting with Vietnam Customs prior to the conference at the headquarters of the General Department of Vietnam Customs to exchange expertise and benefit from Abu Dhabi Customs' experience in digital transformation and the use of modern technology in customs work. Abu Dhabi Customs and Vietnam Customs also discussed opportunities for cooperation and enhancing bilateral relations in the common interests of both sides. Vietnam Customs commended Abu Dhabi Customs' leading practices in improving services to support trade facilitation and ease of doing business.