The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs announced that the volume of non-oil trade exchange between the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the Kingdom of Bahrain through the emirate's ports amounted to 41.83 billion dirhams during the period from 2015 to November of this year, which reflects the development of economic and trade relations between the two brotherly countries in a way that enhances the comprehensive and sustainable development process.

Abu Dhabi's foreign trade with the Kingdom of Bahrain was divided into imports worth 9.11 billion dirhams, exports worth 11.32 billion dirhams, and re-exports worth 21.40 billion dirhams, through 107.7 thousand customs transactions/dealings between Abu Dhabi and the Kingdom of Bahrain during the same period.  The machines, audio and video recording equipment and their accessories accounted for the largest share of the total trade between Abu Dhabi and the Kingdom of Bahrain with an amount of 8.99 billion dirhams, followed by ordinary metals and their products with an amount of 7.71 billion dirhams, and then followed by chemical industries or related industries with an amount of 4.41 billion dirhams.

Textile products and their manufactures came fourth in the total trade outcome between the two sides with an amount of 4.04 billion dirhams, followed by metal products with an amount of 3.73 billion dirhams.

Abu Dhabi’s trade with the Kingdom of Bahrain during the first 11 months of this year amounted to 3.83 billion dirhams, divided into imports worth 1.22 billion dirhams, exports of 1.15 billion dirhams and re-exports worth 1.46 billion dirhams.

The General Administration of Abu Dhabi Customs extended its warmest congratulations and blessings to the leadership and people of the brotherly Kingdom of Bahrain regarding the occasion of the Kingdom's 49th National Day in light of the strong Emirati-Bahraini relations linked by brotherhood and love to embody a pioneering example of the strength of strategic relations between brotherly countries."

Abu Dhabi Customs has made all preparations to welcome the citizens brothers of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with all precautionary measures that contribute to preserving the safety of everyone and protecting them from the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), in order to achieve the flow of movement through a pioneering customs system that allows flexibility and efficiency in completing the procedures.