Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) and Kuwait’s Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA) have partnered to support People of Determination through the UAE Kuwaiti parking service. The initiative aims to promote domestic tourism between the UAE and Kuwait based on the common ties and wise leaderships to support the causes of People of Determination.

His Excellency Dr. Matar Hamed Al Neyadi, UAE Ambassador to Kuwait, hailed the strategic partnership between ZHO and PADA for the benefit of People of Determination in line with the vision of the wise leaderships to enhance cooperation at various levels between the two countries. His Excellency said the depth and strength of the distinguished historical relations between the two leaderships and brotherly peoples, and the advanced level reached by the joint cooperation between them, witnessing continuous development, and characterised by mutual love and affection.

His Excellency Al Neyadi said: “We hope to develop this partnership to a broader extent by launching initiatives and projects and implementing programmes that serve People of Determination in the two countries and facilitate movement and mutual visits.”

His Excellency Jamal Muhammad Al-Ghunaim, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the UAE, said he was happy with the collaboration between UAE’s Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination (ZHO) and Kuwait’s Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA), praising the wise policy of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, and its pioneering achievements in all domains.

His Excellency Al-Ghunaim said that the Kuwaiti-UAE ties has significant advances, which is reflected in the mutual beneficial coordination between the two countries in regional and international forums on issues of common interest. This is reinforced by high-level mutual official visits, a matter which takes close fraternal relations across various fields and sectors, both at the bilateral level and through the course of the GCC, serving their common interests.

For his part, His Excellency Abdullah Abdul Aali Al Humaidan, ZHO’s Secretary-General, emphasised that ZHO gives top priority to the happiness of customers, including facilitating their movement outside the state and works to expand its services beyond the local to the regional scope through strategic partnership with institutions and bodies concerned with providing services for People of Determination regionally and globally.

Launching this service and linking the issuance of a parking permit with Kuwait through joint systems between ZHO and PADA comes within a comprehensive plan aimed at providing services that support and enhance the integration of People of Determination and facilitate their daily lives, as well as contributing to the development of services for People of Determination among the GCC.

The parking permit for People of Determination covers all cities and regions of the UAE and Kuwait including parking in government buildings, public facilities, shopping malls, hospitals, airports and other destinations that People of Determination may visit in both countries. Kuwait will approve the permit only if the individual has a valid permit approved by ZHO or any other UAE body, and vice versa due to the different names of disabilities. Upon registration, People of Determination must attach the permit issued by PADA if they are heading from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi. If they are heading from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait, they must have the permit issued by ZHO or any other UAE body.

His Excellency Al Humaidan said that the issuance of the permit makes it easier for People of Determination to find car parking allocated for them and saves them the time and effort required to find adequate parking. His Excellency said the new service reflects the commitment of ZHO and PADA to provide the finest special services for People of Determination for their happiness and comfort, which encourages Gulf tourism and makes the two countries friendly to People of Determination.

His Excellency thanked the officials, PADA and all concerned authorities in Kuwait for their cooperation in issuing this service.

Her Excellency Dr. Bibi Alamiri, PADA’s Director-General, praised the strategic partnership and cooperation between PADA and ZHO. “We appreciate this step by ZHO and we are eager for more joint cooperation between the two sides for the benefit of People of Determination in our two countries and in the countries of the region.

“Bilateral UAE-Kuwaiti relations have seen milestones of excellence that have directly playing a great role in reinforcing and advancing these relations, whether at the bilateral level or through the course of the GCC, in a manner that realises the interests of the two brotherly countries.

“We aim to transfer experiences between the two sides, develop joint strategic programmes and benefit from them, and develop walks of cooperation for the benefit of People of Determination in the two brotherly countries to expand and include education, employment, rehabilitation, culture, arts and social services, a matter which reflects the remarkable development between Kuwait and the UAE in all areas. This relationship is an example of the deeply-rooted ties between the two countries and their common history. Moreover, this step encourages Gulf tourism.”

Her Excellency Alamiri praised all the steps taken by the two sides, and the speedy achievement by ZHO’s cadres, which she described as professional in their common action. She also praised ZHO’s efforts and programs for various groups of determination in Abu Dhabi

The steps to launch the shared parking service for People of Determination between the two countries include the creation of a website by ZHO to facilitate and improve the services provided to these groups via The permit can be issued for all types of vehicles, including rented or licensed from outside the country, or the private vehicle licensed for a relative or friend. Issuance takes two working days and its valid for three months.