The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), represented by the Integrated Trasnsport Centre (ITC), announced an update to the resident parking permit service application that aims at facilitating customers experiemce. The “residents parking permit” service on the Darb platform website at and Darb application.

The newly founded system allows customers to submit applications for new residents parking permits, renew expired permits, or nearly expired ones, with the utmost ease and flexibility without the need to upload any documents. The system will also accept requests to modify the information contained in existing residents parking permits, such as changing vehicle information or residence information. These services are available on the “Darb” platform website and Darb application.

The DMT and ITC has revamped the service process, making it a simple technique that saves time. This is in line with the DMT’s strategy to digitize its services while emphasizing the importance of speed and accuracy in submitting service applications through different channels. In addition to integrating internal data systems to provide documents and records needed for the parking permits, such as Tawtheeq tenancy contract, Emirates ID, or vehicle registration, without the need to downlaod them to the “Darb” platform. Furthermore, steps to paying service fees and Mawaqif fines have been reduced to one step instead of two.

The ITC highlighted that the permit will be issued immediately after submitting the application and paying the service fees, in the absence of any pending fines. In the event of existing fines, customers are required to pay the same as well as the service fees in order to immediately obtain the permit. The customer would then be immediately notified of the successful residents parking permit application and the system would be updated accordingly. The ITC support team would also work on reviewing the information of the application within 14 days from the date of permit issuance. 

The ITC has also provided the option to enquire about and pay Mawaqif fines of individual vehicles or company vehicles through the “Darb” platform, which allows customers to pay fines in one easy step. A 25% discount of the fine’s total amount is applicable if the fine was paid within 30 days of issuance.

The terms of the service are mandatory for all residential parking spaces in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The service also observes a number of public and private standards of parking spots and its locations, which aims at maintaining the safety of society and the overall appearance of the Emirate. Further information on service fees and fines are available through the service on the smart Darb application and the “Darb” platform website.