Organised by Abu Dhabi Youth Council, the Abu Dhabi Youth Councils Forum took place on 16 August 2023, bringing together all 79 corporate youth councils in the emirate to encourage collaboration and enhance the role of youth in shaping the future of the emirate.

The forum began with a statement from Majid Eissa Al Nuaimi, Programmes and Initiatives Advisor, in the Youth sector of the Ministry of Culture and Youth, followed by Mohamed Al Wahidi, President of Abu Dhabi Youth Council who presented the strategic plan of the current cycle and announced a number of strategic initiatives in the areas of national identity, sustainability, skills, learning and employment.

The event included an interactive session with Dr Khadija Al-Hamid, Director of the Student Life Department and co-professor at Rabadan Academy, Professor Ahmed Al-Tamimi, Principal Specialist of the Empowerment Unit of the Development of Economic Department, and Latefa Al Mansoori, COP28 Youth Delegate and Chairperson of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi Youth Council. The session provided lessons, messages and advices to young people in the family, society, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

The forum concluded with a statement by His Excellency Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, Executive Chairman of the Emirates Foundation, urging adherence to values, customs and traditions, and the endeavour to serve all segments of society.

The forum also featured an exhibition organised by the National Archives Youth Council and the National Library, including images of the leadership in the past.