The Family Care Authority (FCA) has released its operational statistics for their time in operation during 2022-2023, affirming its commitment to the well-being of Abu Dhabi's diverse population.

During the months of January to November 2023, the Family Care Authority has processed a total of 7,854 cases for 17,634 beneficiaries, 238 of them benefited from social emergency support service. In addition to this, 692 individuals received advanced social counselling through the FCA's social counselling services, while 596 sought assistances through psychological counselling, 378 through legal counselling, resulting in a total of 1,666 individuals served through the FCA's counselling services.

A total of 65 FCA caregivers actively participated in the FCA's Caregiver Capability Building and Training Programmes, and 61 individuals benefited from the temporary sheltering service. Following its launch in October 2023, the FCA’s call centre 800-444 has handled 540 calls demonstrating the vital role it plays in connecting individuals with the support they need. Additionally, it was also revealed that 282 of FCA’s case managers, counsellors, caregivers, and call centre agents underwent a total of 10,110 training hours.

Her Excellency Dr Bushra Al Mulla, Director General of the FCA, said: "Our relentless commitment to high-level strategic planning and the meticulous examination of global family care models has been pivotal in positioning Abu Dhabi as a beacon of excellence in family care. The Family Care Authority has undertaken a comprehensive study of international best practices, culminating in the development and implementation of a mature model tailored specifically for the unique needs of Abu Dhabi's diverse community. This dedicated effort has not only allowed us to operate optimally but has also resulted in the profound impact of our world-class services reaching families in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Family Care Authority's services are intricately designed to cater to the nuances of our community, ensuring inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and a broad spectrum of support programs that touch every corner of our society.”

“Our success in serving this considerable number of beneficiaries is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our team, comprising over 90 licensed social workers, 78 per cent of whom are certified child protection specialists. Through capacity building and upskilling schemes, our team of counsellors has mastered specific skills such as art therapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy to provide beneficiaries with world-class family care services.

“Looking forward, I foresee further exponential growth in the FCA's ability to serve the community in 2024 and beyond. Our dedicated team, coupled with our refined family care model, positions us to navigate emerging challenges and embrace opportunities. The Family Care Authority remains steadfast in its commitment to being a cornerstone in the well-being of Abu Dhabi's families."

Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including legal and psycho-social counselling, inclusion programmes, caregiver support, social emergency assistance, and temporary sheltering, the FCA has become the centralised point of contact for family care services in Abu Dhabi, for citizens, residents and tourists alike.

As the FCA continues its mission to provide world-class family care services, individuals seeking assistance can contact 800-444, or visit for more information.