The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) has confirmed that it had initiated investigations into the incident of cats being abandoned in the desert. The DMT immediately began the investigations after receiving the report and will take all relevant administrative and legal measures.

The DMT has stressed that it has taken all necessary measures to establish the reasons behind this act, noting that investigations are still underway in coordination with the relevant authorities to identify perpetrators of this inhumane act, which contradicts civilised morals and values.

The DMT has also underscored that it values the sentiments of the public and activists and recognises the contributions of volunteers in responding to this incident. The DMT urged them to cooperate and communicate to share any details related to the incident, to ensure that the recurrence of practices conflicting with the DMT's stance on animal welfare are duly averted.

The DMT calls on the public to report any abuse or neglect that exposes animals to danger by contacting 800 555.