The Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (SSA) has launched a new corporate identity through Abu Dhabi Media Office, highlighting the authority's role in providing a robust social safety net for Emirati families benefiting from social support in Abu Dhabi. The corporate identity aligns with SSA’s strategic vision and efforts to nurture financially independent and socially active families.

The announcement includes the unveiling of the authority’s new logo, reflecting the UAE’s rich social heritage characterised by solidarity, cooperation and positive participation. Symbolised under the concept:  Positive Participation for a Decent Life, the logo demonstrates the authority’s endeavour to harmonise its strategic objectives of fostering family cohesion and promoting cooperation with its dedication to integrating efforts with strategic partners in the areas of social empowerment and practical training.

His Excellency Abdulla Humaid Al Ameri, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (SSA), said: “Through our new corporate identity, we reaffirm our commitment to adopting an integrated approach aimed at providing a social safety net for Emirati families benefiting from our support in Abu Dhabi. This approach ensures a decent life for the beneficiaries by stimulating positive participation, providing social financial support, empowering and training family members to enter the job market and secure sustainable sources of income, and enhancing their financial literacy."

Her Excellency Al Ameri also expressed his appreciation for the continued support from all strategic partners since the SSA’s establishment, enabling the authority to achieve its agendas and strategic goals, primarily by offering high-quality programmes that delivered a positive impact for the beneficiary families. His Excellency Al Ameri added that through SSA’s strategic vision, which centres on fostering family stability and social contribution, SSA reiterates its commitment to improving services, programmes and initiatives for social support, empowerment, training and employment alongside partners in the next stage. Continuously advancing social support remains the ultimate goal of SSA, and the authority is committed to working towards its achievement.

The authority strives to empower and support beneficiaries to achieve stability and financial independence for themselves and their families, enabling them to contribute actively to society by entering the job market. This is accomplished through training and development programmes and job opportunities that SSA provides by combining efforts with strategic partners from the government and private sectors in Abu Dhabi.

The new logo embodies an intricate network of lines forming a visual representation of the social safety net, symbolising the authority’s dedication to providing decent life for Emirati families, which ultimately strengthens family cohesion. The hands joined within the new logo also conveys the integrated efforts and fostering cooperation between the Abu Dhabi community, beneficiaries and strategic partners, helping build a robust social safety net that creates a positive and sustainable impact for low-income Emirati families in Abu Dhabi. Through this holistic approach, the authority ensures a decent life by providing social financial support and empowerment, as well as training family members and developing their skills to enter the job market. Additionally, it prioritises raising awareness of sound financial management, a key element in achieving financial independence and family stability.

Since its establishment in 2019, the authority has extended social support to nearly 8,434 beneficiary families. Currently, it provides social support to approximately 4,475 beneficiary families, including 28,818 individuals. SSA has also enabled approximately 964 beneficiaries to secure permanent job opportunities with its partners, and assisted 438 members of beneficiary families in completing the general and continuing education programmes in collaboration with partners in the education sector. It has also offered specialised training opportunities to approximately 760 citizens from beneficiary families through various partnerships.

The authority has also developed new electronic services that streamline access to its services and simplifying procedures. The authority reduced the time needed for approving applications and disbursing support amounts to less than a month. The authority has introduced the daily payment project for beneficiaries, where SSA’s electronic linkage system with 27 local and federal government entities ensures updated and accurate information regarding the beneficiaries’ social condition. The system serves as a centralised point for information that feeds into the requests from customers and beneficiaries, ensuring that the support reaches the most deserving families in Abu Dhabi and in line with the Abu Dhabi Program for Effortless Customer Experience.