The Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi has announced the opening of the traditional hunting season 2023-2024, at the Al Marzoom Hunting Reserve in Al Dhafra Region, from 1 November 2023 until 15 February 2024.

The Al Marzoom is the first and largest reserve in UAE, dedicated to the traditional practices of falconry and hunting with Arabian greyhounds, also known as Salukis. The natural reserve offers a unique cultural and tourist experience of conventional hunting while promoting falconry awareness and environment and heritage conservation.

The reserve will welcome falconers, traditional hunting enthusiasts and visitors seven days a week, with two daily hunting sessions available in the morning and afternoon. It presents visitors with traditional recreational hunting, in compliance with the regulations of Abu Dhabi.

Al Marzoom Reserve provides a vast space for falconers, while promoting sustainable hunting practices. The natural landscapes of the protected area are safeguarded and preserved, supporting the rehabilitation of endangered wildlife. The reserve provides traditional hunting enthusiasts with the opportunity to pursue such prey as houbara bustards, wild rabbits and antelopes in a safe environment. Visitors are organised into hunting teams, accompanied and guided by experienced hunters. The primary emphasis is on hunting with falcons and saluki dogs, without the use of any type of weapons.

Transportation within the reserve is carried out in classic hunting cars or group cars. Visitors can stay overnight at dedicated camps, such as the Royal Camp, the Elite Camp or the Individual Camp. Visitors can also explore the reserve, which is home to indigenous plants and wildlife including rabbits, birds, deer, houbara and antelopes.

Since its inauguration in 2015, Al Marzoom Hunting Reserve has drawn over 10,000 guests including Arab and international falconry enthusiasts, tourists, traditional hunters, and desert tourism visitors.