The Al Yasat Festival will take place until 19 November on the beach of Al Sila city in Al Dhafra Region in Abu Dhabi.

The festival, which is organised by the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee - Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club in cooperation with Emirates Heritage Club, features various traditional and modern marine races including 60ft class sailing dhows, 22ft sailing dhows and modern sailing regatta, various beach and sports races, as well as a number of heritage events and competitions in the festival's Heritage Village.

The festival aims to enhance the role of traditional sailing sports within society, celebrating them as a vital component of UAE's cultural heritage, promote UAE coastal cities, islands and marine festivals, foster engagement in both traditional and contemporary marine sports, while actively facilitating their geographical expansion. The event also seeks to highlight and pass down Emirati heritage and social etiquette, known as Sana'a, to future generations, and consolidate Al Dhafra Region's standing as a prominent destination for culture, heritage, tourism and sports.

The festival's Heritage Village will be the venue for a wide range of cultural and heritage competitions, along with engaging and appealing events suitable for various age groups. The festival will also comprise diverse shops that showcase traditional Emirati marine and desert heritage products. The village will also feature aspects of traditional coastal living, providing visitors with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the ocean's depths and embark on a tour of coasts and islands in Al Dhafra region.