The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport of Abu Dhabi, has announced a new digital parking fees payment option through the smartphone app, ‘Darb’. The app allows motorists to use the available balance in their ‘Darb’ e-wallet to pay parking fees, simplifying procedures and saving time and effort by offering drivers a convenient and flexible digital payment option for standard and premium surface parking spaces in Abu Dhabi, without having to send a text message (SMS) as before, thus saving costs to customers.

The ITC emphasized that the new service is both fast and easy for customers, and takes only a few seconds by clicking the “Pay for Parking” icon on the ‘Darb’ smartphone app, which will take them through a few simple steps to complete their transaction: first, they choose the vehicle and the category of parking space (standard or premium) and the required number of hours. They then confirm the transaction and pay the parking fee through the app. The fees are directly deducted from the amount in the e-wallet designated for each vehicle on the ‘Darb’ app.

Customers who have “M-Mawaqif” e-wallet accounts can use the balance in their e-wallet through text messages until their balance is zero, and then switch to the ‘Darb’ app to pay their parking fees. They can also link Mawaqif rechargeable cards that are activated now and benefit from the service.

The ITC clarified that customers can top-up their ‘Darb’ e-wallet by using Mawaqif rechargeable cards and selecting the option “Add New Rechargeable Card” and following the instructions on the ‘Darb’ application. The balance will then be automatically added to the Darb e-wallet. The balance available in the e-wallet can be used to pay parking fees via the card or the Darb e-wallet.

The new service also allows the adding of vehicles not registered in the ‘Darb’ account of the customer, and the parking duration can be extended for additional hours through the app in just one step.

The ITC expects that the new service will be welcomed by the public as it is much easier and faster than current payment methods, which are cash payments, Mawaqif rechargeable cards, SMS messages to the number 3009, or credit cards (which were only accepted for transactions for AED 15 or more), whereas the new service enables customers to pay via the app, which is much easier and convenient for customers.

The new ‘Darb’ payment service was developed within the framework of the ITC’s continuous efforts to streamline the processing of transactions safely and simply, which will contribute to the integration of services and standardize payment channels more efficiently. Now, customers need only one integrated platform and a single e-wallet to pay toll gate and surface parking fees. This method also provides an accurate record of all charges deducted from each customer’s balance for the services obtained.

The Integrated Transport Center urges all customers to download the ‘Darb’ smartphone app, which provides a full range of transportation services, for them to take advantage of the new service alongside the multiple other benefits the app provides, and to enjoy transport services that enable them to enjoy stress-free trips and get to their destination smoothly.