The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), part of Department of Municipalities and Transport, has won 13 awards at the Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards, in recognition of the centre’s continuous efforts to provide innovative solutions and quality public transport services across the emirate.

ITC received four Gold Awards, six Silver Awards and three Bronze Awards, in recognition of its innovative services, projects, and initiatives in the transport sector, which in turn enhanced the quality of services provided to the public and contributed to establishing a smart, integrated, and sustainable transport system.

ITC was granted the Gold Award in four categories, including the Innovation in Government Services for the Abu Dhabi Strategic Transport Model (STEAM+) Project, which is an advanced multimedia tool for predicting transport demand rates using AI and big data analytics.

ITC received the Gold Award in the category of Innovation in Technology Development - Other Sectors, for the Unified Licensing System project (LES), which is an electronic system developed by the ITC to provide an integrated platform for managing the taxi transport sector that includes licensing systems for operators, taxis, and drivers, in addition to training, inspection, monitoring, and reporting communications, as well as performance measuring tools.

The centre also obtained a Gold Award in the category of Innovation in Business Services (B2B), for the Strategic Transportation Model (STEAM) Project, and the category of Innovation in Business Technology and Applications, for the Strategic Transportation Model Project (Birdseye), which is a digital platform for displaying and analysing all data related to the STEAM+ whether inputs and outputs, in addition to visualising the current status of the transport network using big data at ITC and relevant strategic partners.