Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (SZGM) has secured top positions globally among the most revered cultural and historical landmarks, according to the 2024 report of leading travel and tourism platform TripAdvisor. Recognition in the report, derived from the analysis of more than eight million data points provided by travellers of diverse nationalities, is a testament to the mosque's universal appeal and the rich experiences it offers.

SZGM's unique cultural and historical experiences have earned it 10th place globally and the first position in the Middle East in the Top Attractions category among 25 world-class attractions. In the Top Experiences category, SZGM secured 17th place globally and second in the Middle East for the travel experience from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, which includes Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Qasr Al Watan, and Etihad Towers. Furthermore, in the Cultural and Historical Experiences category, it ranked third globally, showing significant progress compared to 2023, with improvements of five ranks in the Attractions category, three in Experiences, and four in Cultural and Historical Experiences.

His Excellency Dr Yousif Alobaidli, Director-General of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre (SZGMC), said: "The mosque's realisation of this global milestone reflects the vision of our leadership. This accomplishment is the fruit of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre's five-year strategic plan to enhance its services and offer visitors new experiences. These results also underscore the centre's success in training over 250 young UAE Nationals in the field of cultural tour guidance and visitor services. These individuals are staff of the centre and graduates of the Ibn Al Dar programme, which is part of the AL Shabab AL Banie initiative. They are responsible for delivering more than 5,000 cultural tours annually within the Mosque's precincts. They serve over seven million worshippers and visitors from diverse cultures around the world, 80 per cent of whom are from outside the country, converging here to experience a meeting place of different cultures and religions."

SZGMC continues to evolve, expanding facilities and diversifying the range of comprehensive, high-standard services offered to visitors, enabling them to spend a full day on-site, including the Visitor Centre, which features exhibition halls, auditorium, and library. The Souq Al Jami, featuring shops, entertainment areas, and restaurants caters to different age groups. A jogging track is also offered for community members to engage in sports activities against the mosque’s backdrop.

SZGMC operates under a strategic five-year plan, utilising a comprehensive system facilitated by specialised teams, who aim to deliver exceptional experiences for visitors from diverse global cultures. The cultural experiences, led by a select group of national tour specialists, aim to reflect SZGM’s commitment to excellence through its expertise.

SZGMC offers its visitors a variety of experiences, such as the Hidden Glimpses tours. These tours, conducted in specially equipped electric vehicles, take families and other groups on immersive cultural journeys. They reveal intricate details of the mosque, including exclusive stops that were previously unexplored by visitors.

The mosque also provides the Sura night cultural tours, offering visitors a unique night-time cultural experience from 10.00pm to 9.00am, allowing them to explore SZGM during unconventional hours. These tours are tailored to accommodate visitors to Abu Dhabi and those in the country during transit flight layovers. They allow visitors to witness aspects of the mosque rarely seen by the public, including routine maintenance and exceptional cleaning operations conducted during tour hours.

The mosque also provides the El-Delleel service, a multimedia device that offers virtual cultural tours in 14 international languages. Such services make SZGM accessible 24 hours a day, enriching visitor's understanding of the landmark.