The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT-Abu Dhabi) has opened nominations for the third cycle of Urban Treasures until 18 December 2023. DCT-Abu Dhabi is inviting the public to submit their nominations for the next edition of its Urban Treasures initiative, which recognises the longstanding business establishments that have shaped Abu Dhabi’s urban and social fabric.

Members of the public are welcome to nominate any establishment operating in the emirate for more than 20 years that they believe has historical and social significance. The awarded establishments will be announced in 2024.

If you happen to own or know of a long-standing business or establishment based in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain or Al Dhafra region, such as a café, restaurant, bakery, shop, tailor, perfumery, bookstore, jewellers or other, that has been serving our emirate for two decades or more, we encourage you to step forward and nominate it to be recognised and awarded.

The Urban Treasures awards include a variety of benefits, including branded promotional kits to highlight their Urban Treasures designation among residents and tourists and other forms of support.

Nominations for Urban Treasures 2024 can be submitted on the following online form here.