Hack In The Box (HTIB), known for its cutting-edge technical talks and trainings in computer security, is returning to Abu Dhabi, UAE with a new hybrid event from 21-25 November, 2021. This year’s edition of HITB+CyberWeek is brought by DisruptAD, ADQ’s venture platform that connects pioneering, visionary and entrepreneurial minds to displace the norm and scale globally from Abu Dhabi. The event will see the world’s top thinkers and cyber security experts come together to share the latest knowledge, ideas and techniques among security professionals and university students.

Commenting on behalf of DisruptAD, Faisal Al Hammadi, said: “Technological advancements and cutting-edge solutions are becoming more valuable as the world seeks solutions that address the challenges of tomorrow. At DisruptAD, we are on a mission to drive the future of innovation, disrupting priority sectors in the UAE and driving economic growth. As an active partner in the start-up ecosystem, we are looking forward to our participation in HITB+Cyberweek and fostering competitive innovation in Abu Dhabi while also supporting a thriving local community of entrepreneurs and innovators.”

Dhillon Kannabhiran, Founder and CEO of Hack In The Box said, “Our world has changed and so has HITB+CyberWeek. As the world enters unchartered territory in a post-COVID era, we need unique minds that love solving the impossible.

“The UAE has a reputation for visionary thinking and leads the region on numerous fronts including technological advancements, many on show at Expo 2020 Dubai. To solve the next generation of cyber security problems, we need to act now to develop the next generation of cyber security warriors.

“That’s why we’re not just bringing more cutting-edge talks and trainings for professionals to HITB+CyberWeek – but also bringing together start-ups, the world’s best hackers to compete with UAE teams in the Pro CTF competition, and a host of hardware and software related challenges and mini-workshops to spur the next-generation of students to ‘think outside the box’!”

The event combines the HITB Security Conference (24-25 November) with some sessions open to the public, and paid trainings for security professionals (21-24 November). It is the first HITB hybrid event with livestreaming for virtual attendees from around the world combined with a physical event at ADNEC in Abu Dhabi where visitors can experience the Security Exhibition, Start-Up Village and more.

Welcome address by H.E. Faisal Al-Bannai and Keynote by Dr Al Kuwaiti

“The world will not wait,’ says H.E. Faisal Al Bannai, CEO and MD of EDGE, an advanced technology group for Defence and Technology; and Secretary-General of the Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC) accelerating innovation.

“We need the best minds to solve these complex challenges with a sense of urgency. We need a sense of speed, agility, innovation and disruption. We want to be a magnet for the world’s best talent, and a destination for the best minds to grow our national talent.”

The pandemic has accelerated existing cyber threats, while giving birth to a whole new set of cyber risks. While we have been shifting work practices to new, remote ways of working and relying on personal devices, cyber criminals have been watching and have switched tactics to exploit this new reality.

The UAE has witnessed a 250% increase in cyberattacks in 2020, prompting the UAE Government’s Head of Cybersecurity, Dr Al Kuwaiti, to describe it as a ‘cyber pandemic’.

Pro Capture the Flag (CTF): Best 10 CTF teams battle it out for US$116,000

With a prize pool of USD $116,000, 16 of the world’s best CTF teams will be flown into Abu Dhabi to battle it out in a two-day attack and defence CTF competition.  Organized by HITB in collaboration with Hackerdom, Russia’s leading CTF organising crew and CTF.ae, winners of 2019’s Cyber Battle of The Emirates and now the UAE’s first outfit specialized in creating and managing cybersecurity Capture the Flag events and training in the Emirates. The CTF will pit .edu winners from the pre-qualification CTF held in Singapore in August alongside pre-invited PRO teams from around the global to prove definitively that they are the best of the best. Portions of the contest will also be hybridized for teams unable to make the trip in-person thus making this the world’s first truly hybrid Capture the Flag competition.

No Limits to the way we collaborate, share knowledge and skills

“With HITB security conference events in Amsterdam, Singapore and the UAE, we believe we’re breaking down the boundaries between regions and creating the right environment for a fascinating mix of ideas, networking among like-minded people and most importantly, the sharing of knowledge.  Let’s fact it: our hyperconnected digital world has no boundaries and we believe there should be no limits to the way we collaborate, the way we share the latest research and techniques and how we train the next generation of cyber warriors.

“Next generation problems need next-generation ideas, solutions and skills. HITB+CyberWeek brings together unique minds to solve the impossible.” 

Learn more about HITB+CyberWeek and register for the event and obtain tickets here https://cyberweek.ae/2021.