PureHealth, STARZPLAY, and Image Nation Abu Dhabi have partnered with Lega Serie A to launch an original show, The Italian Dream, seeking the MENA region’s next football talent to play in the Italian premier football league, The show will help boost the UAE’s vibrant sports culture in line with PureHealth’s vision to promote longevity by encouraging a healthier, active lifestyle through the support of sporting activities, and reflects Abu Dhabi’s efforts to nurture young sporting talent.

Offering the opportunity of a lifetime, this reality TV show gives the best young footballers in the MENA region the chance to showcase their talent and make their dreams come true. Over six episodes, The Italian Dream is filmed in Abu Dhabi, with Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Egypt also participating. Honing their skills alongside world-class players, the sport’s protégés will have the chance to play in one of world football’s biggest leagues.

At a special launch for the show in Abu Dhabi which was attended by senior officials, His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, Chairman of the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi; Masood M. Sharif Mahmood, CEO of Etisalat - UAE; Farhan Malik, Group CEO of PureHealth; Shaista Asif, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of PureHealth; Maaz Sheikh, CEO of STARZPLAY; Lorenzo Fanara, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to the UAE; Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A; Francesco Totti, the renowned former AS Roma football player and Lega Serie A ambassador and other senior representatives from PureHealth, STARZPLAY, Lega Serie A and Image Nation Abu Dhabi.

Footballing legends from Lega Serie A will participate in the show as mentors and guides for the competitors. The show will not only spotlight the participants' football skills but also offer insights into their families, their aspirations, the importance of healthy living for sport led by what Lega Serie A symbolises for them.

Maaz Sheikh said: “The launch of The Italian Dream is a testament to STARZPLAY’s commitment to diversify its content range to meet its audience’s preferences, and its continued drive to produce the highest standard of Arabic content and showcase local talent. By examining audience viewing patterns and viewership data, we recognised that sports play a crucial role in attracting viewers across the Middle East and North Africa, with football standing out as the sport of choice in a nation driven by the vision of its leaders towards healthy and happy living. It was from this analysis that the concept for The Italian Dream was born.”

Luigi De Siervo said: “The Italian Dream exemplifies Lega Serie A's commitment to investing in grassroots talent in the MENA region by providing opportunities for local emerging players to grow, learn and showcase their abilities on one of the world's most renowned and storied football leagues – Lega Serie A. This project cements Lega Serie A's partnership with STARZPLAY, introducing a new dimension to the collaboration with an engaging content platform combining sports and entertainment for regional audiences.”  

Shaista Asif said: “We are proud to support The Italian Dream TV show – a strategic collaboration that propels young football talent in the MENA region towards unprecedented opportunities. By empowering these aspiring athletes, we are not only shaping their futures but also fuelling the region’s sporting excellence.

 “Our participation in The Italian Dream reflects our deep commitment to empowering communities and ensuring their health, happiness and overall well-being. By providing a platform for aspiring football talent in the MENA region, we contribute to the UAE’s efforts to nurture youth potential and foster a vibrant sports culture. At PureHealth, our vision extends beyond healthcare, as we believe in empowering individuals to lead longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Through this strategic collaboration, we are supporting a journey where health, sports and community empowerment converge to create a brighter future for generations to come.”

Ben Ross, Acting CEO of Image Nation, said: “Image Nation constantly looks for diverse new projects that uncover inspirational stories from the UAE and the region. We are excited to embark on this unique show which will not only give a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talented young footballers but will provide audiences with the chance to experience the emotional personal journeys of the lucky participants.”

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