The Abu Dhabi Sports Council has received 20 accolades for the 2023 session of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Stevie Awards, highlighting innovations in various professional achievements, and is considered one of the most prominent awards in the world.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council was honoured with four gold awards, three silver, and 13 bronze, for its services, projects, initiatives, and innovative programmes that support the sports sector and athletes in Abu Dhabi, as well as contributions to improving the quality of services provided to the sector.

The council received four gold awards for the Abu Dhabi 360 programme (Innovative of Technology System), the UAE Tour 2023 (Innovative Achievement in International Expansion), the Abu Dhabi Sports Sector Advanced Analytics Platform Project (Award for Innovation in Business Information Apps), and the Abu Dhabi Sports Sector Data Governance and Management Project (Award for Innovation in Government Services).

The silver awards included one for the Active Hub programme (Award for Innovation in Government Services) while Houriya Hussain Taheri, an employee at the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, was awarded Most Innovative Woman of the Year, and Azza Ateeq Al Shamsi Most Innovative Mentor of the Year.

The recipients of the bronze awards were as follows; Subsidising of sports institutions and clubs in Abu Dhabi (Innovative Achievement in Finance); Abu Dhabi Sports Performance Analysis Project (Achievement in Product Innovation); Information Security and Quality Management ISO Certification Project (Award for Excellence in Innovation in Government - Organisations with 100 or More Employees); Implementation of Centre of Excellence for the Sports Sector of Abu Dhabi (Award for Innovative Management in Government - Organizations with 100 or More Employees) and Implementation of the Abu Dhabi Sports Institution System (Award for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation - Government).

The other recipients of the bronze awards were Abu Dhabi Sports Institutions Financial Operations Enhancement Project (Innovative Achievement in Finance); His Excellency Suhail Abdulla AlAreefi (Most Innovative Leader of the Year); Bike Abu Dhabi (Innovative Achievement in Growth); Spartan World Championships (Award for Innovation in Entertainment Events); Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (Award for Innovation in the Use of Events); Abu Dhabi Government Games Championship 2023 (Award for Innovation in Government Services); ADNOC Abu Dhabi marathon (Innovative Achievement in Diversity & Inclusion) and Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship (Innovative Achievement in Sustainability).

His Excellency Aref Hamad Al Awani, General Secretary of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, praised the efforts of everyone who contributed to the council’s success, reflected in the diligent work provided by the various sectors to ensure the progress of innovative services, projects, initiatives and programmes that support the sports sector and athletes in Abu Dhabi. All of these have contributed to improving the quality of services in this vital and important sector.

His Excellency Aref Al Awani said: “We extend our thanks to our wise leadership, which always stands behind all successes with unlimited support and continuous guidance, which in turn holds us more responsible in order to continue moving in the same direction, and to always emphasise that Abu Dhabi is a global sports capital.”