Digital assets infrastructure company Zero Two has launched operations in Abu Dhabi to cater to the rapidly increasing interest in Web3 technology and its ecosystem. With a unique, fully integrated offering in end-to-end digital assets infrastructure solutions, Zero Two aims to become a trusted partner to companies seeking to capitalise on the broad innovative scope and transformative potential the technology offers. The company’s services include developing power infrastructure, sourcing and testing latest generation technologies, building and operating data centres, and providing digital assets management services.

Zero Two was created to develop, operate and invest in best-in-class technologies accelerating and supporting the digital asset and Web3 ecosystem in the region, which comprises concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economics.

Zero Two will play an integral role in facilitating the continued stability of the power grid of Abu Dhabi while contributing towards the UAE’s Net Zero commitments and transition towards a sustainable, decarbonised economy as the nation prepares to host COP28. By utilising excess power in low demand seasons to operate its state-of-the-art data centres located in Abu Dhabi further supporting the resiliency of the local power grid.

With an inaugural client roster encompassing energy and utilities sector leaders, Zero Two, which is part of ADQ, purchased the largest order to date of Clean Energy Certificates (CECs), which are rolled out collaboratively by the Department of Energy (DoE) and Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC). By offsetting CO2 emissions, the purchase grants Zero Two to attest the sources of its clean energy usage and empowers them in achieving their sustainability goals.

Ahmed Al Hameli, Chief Executive Officer at Zero Two, said: “Digital assets hold vast potential that is only beginning to be explored and leveraged. Zero Two enters the market with a robust and broad business model catering to rapidly emerging demand and a demonstrated commitment to meeting the highest standards of security and compliance. We are confident that our offering that utilizes excess power from the local power grid, which is the first of its kind in the UAE and the wider region, will not only meet the needs of our clients but also exceed their expectations with regards to the various benefits that can be derived from deploying distributed ledger technologies.”

Zero Two name comprises of two notions, the significance numerals 0 and 2 in Web3 technology.