The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (ADHA) has formed a committee dedicated to processing citizens requests concerning the conveyance of housing grants under the legislation in force prior to October 2018, whether through selling or exchanging with other citizens. The committee aims to address the cases that took place before 2 October 2018, in accordance with the approved regulations and to uphold public interest.

The newly formed committee will start accepting requests starting from 1 May until 31 July 2024 at the ISKAN Abu Dhabi Centre.

ADHA stipulated that the requests submitted to the committee should pertain to cases which took place before 2 October 2018, and must include the relevant contract of sale or exchange, in addition to an official proof of the financial implications, which was paid or received during the conveyance process.

The following conditions must be met to submit requests concerning the conveyance of housing grants through sale and purchase: a citizen must own a residential land or a suitable alternative housing option in the emirate, with an undertaking not to sell it. and to register it in the Real Estate Register as a housing grant, while not concurrently claiming another residential land grant or housing grant, or a house purchase loan. A written consent from the wife is also required.

In the case of exchange with other citizens, the exchange criteria outlined in the updated housing programs and housing benefits policies in Abu Dhabi are applicable, along with written consent from the wife.

ADHA affirmed that the committee decisions will be final, and no requests will be accepted beyond the deadline set by ADHA.

His Excellency Hamad Hareb Al Muhairi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said: "The formation of a committee to decide on requests concerning the conveyance of housing grants comes in line with the goals of the Abu Dhabi Government to ensure the achievement of public interest."

His Excellency Al Muhairi highlighted the importance of expediting the process and making appropriate decisions concerning them, to ensure that this matter can be conclusively resolved.

His Excellency emphasised that the committee is intended to address only the cases of housing grant conveyance that took place prior to 2 October 2018. The updated provisions, housing policies and housing benefits in Abu Dhabi are applicable to the new cases that took place after aforementioned date.