PureHealth has launched the second phase of a regional longevity trial named, Longevity 2.0, following the successful launch of phase one that resulted in improvements of biomarkers such as blood pressure and heart rate in participants over 90 days. Longevity 2.0 will be the largest longevity trial in the Middle East and builds upon Longevity 1.0, a first-of-its-kind trial that aimed to help more than 100 participants improve their health and lifespan.

During Longevity 1.0, participants increased their projected lifespans by an average of 2.2 years due to improved biomarkers, which was achieved through exercise and a healthier diet, under clinical supervision. At the start of the trial, lab results showed 9 participants were at risk of diabetes. By day 90, just 3 participants were classified as at risk. The level of physical activity among participants increased by 25%, with the most active group losing on average 3.5kg.

Longevity 2.0 will involve more than 3,000 participants and will focus on helping participants improve key biomarkers that are often impacted by aging. The aim is to combat common age-related diseases and extend the period of life spent in good health. Improving essential biomarkers that impact body composition, functional fitness, cardiovascular fitness and wellbeing, can enhance longevity. To improve biomarkers, people can make healthier lifestyle choices such as eating better, exercising more and avoiding smoking.

In 2022, PureHealth unveiled the future of healthcare in its new vision, brand identity and brand promise of advancing the science of longevity, which promises to help people in the UAE and across the world live longer, healthier, happier and fuller lives. As part of its vision, PureHealth is working towards adding up to 25 additional years of higher-quality, happier, and healthier living to the UAE’s average life expectancy, over the next 50 years.

Dr. Asma Al Mannai, Executive Director of the Research and Innovation Centre at the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, said: “At the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi, we continue to empower and support research initiatives and programmes in health care, as we believe in the role of innovation in improving healthcare outcomes and contributing to creating an unprecedented qualitative shift in providing healthcare in Abu Dhabi and around the world. Such initiatives confirm the distinguished position that Abu Dhabi has established on the global health care map as an incubator for innovation in life sciences."

Dr Erik Koornneef, Director of Research and Innovation at PureHealth, said: “Living longer, healthier lives is not just a challenge, but an ambition. It is a goal that we at PureHealth are working to realise. Longevity 2.0 reflects the remarkable strides we are taking towards transforming Abu Dhabi into a blue zone city, which are areas where people live longer compared to the global average. At PureHealth, we are committed to building a future-proofed healthcare ecosystem and dedicated to shaping a brighter and healthier tomorrow.”

Following the average improvement of 26 months in the biological age of most participants, PureHealth is confident the second phase of the longevity trial will continue to bring success.