PureHealth has celebrated the completion of more than 500 successful kidney transplants. This milestone was reached under the Kidney Transplant Program, a partnership between Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) and SEHA Kidney Care (SKC), both assets of PureHealth. The accomplishment exemplifies PureHealth’s unwavering commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes and elevating both quality of life and health spans.

To commemorate this success, a special event was organised, attended by Shaista Asif, Co-Founder and Group Chief Operating Officer of PureHealth and senior leadership representatives from both SEHA and PureHealth.

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, under the supervision of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), launched its Kidney Transplant Program in 2008. The programme involves surgeons from SKMC and specialised transplant nephrologists from SEHA Kidney Care.

Shaista Asif, Group Chief Operating Officer at PureHealth, said: “We take pride in ourselves for successfully completing over 500 transplants through the Kidney Transplant Program. This accomplishment represents a significant milestone in PureHealth's ongoing mission to improve lives and enhance health spans. But it is not just about a number, it’s about the capability that we as a nation have to impact and save lives. Our commitment to delivering exceptional care, pushing boundaries, and advancing healthcare in the UAE remains steadfast. These efforts align with the UAE's vision of establishing a world-class health system that elevates the quality of healthcare and enhances the overall quality of life for its people.”

Saeed Al Kuwaiti, Chief Executive Officer at SEHA said: “This remarkable milestone truly reflects SEHA’s steadfast dedication to enhancing healthcare outcomes within Abu Dhabi. The continual expansion and achievements of the Kidney Transplant Program stand as a testament to the invaluable expertise brought forth by SEHA to our community. At PureHealth, we take great pride in delivering unparalleled holistic healthcare experiences, with a profound focus on delivering exceptional care throughout every step of the kidney transplant journey.”

One of the recipients of a new kidney at SKMC was 31-year-old Alia Juma, a young Emirati woman. Her journey began on her 20th birthday when she learned that she suffered from kidney failure. Following the diagnosis, doctors advised her to start dialysis immediately. The expert team at SKMC guided Alia on the risks as well as the treatment options available. As part of the treatment plan, doctors envisaged a kidney transplant. Thankfully, Alia did not have to wait for a suitable donor. In fact, her brother volunteered to donate his own kidney. Following all the necessary examinations, Alia and her brother were admitted for surgery.

The siblings have spoken highly of their experience at SKMC, the medical team and the advanced technology.

PureHealth oversees the SEHA healthcare network and SKMC and is fully committed to raising the benchmarks in healthcare excellence, facilitating the development of cutting-edge healthcare solutions and advancing the science of longevity. With a diverse portfolio encompassing over 25 hospitals, 100 clinics, multiple diagnostic centres, insurance solutions, pharmacies, health tech, and procurement, PureHealth remains at the forefront of advancing healthcare systems.

As part of PureHealth’s efforts, SKMC and SKC are able to offer the most advanced healthcare possible, utilising technology and involving highly-skilled staff, greatly improving patient outcomes. PureHealth’s aim is to introduce the healthcare of the future from the UAE to the world and strengthen the country’s position as the global hub for healthcare.