M42, the Abu Dhabi-based tech-enabled healthcare company, has signed an agreement with Japan’s National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST) to share research around carbon ion therapy, an advanced form of radiation therapy used to treat cancer. The agreement was signed during the visit of Japan's Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to the UAE.

The two entities will leverage their combined experience to further their understanding and knowledge of the technology. The collaboration is part of M42’s commitment to delivering world-class, patient-centric care through advanced technologies and innovative solutions.

Carbon ion therapy has gained significant global interest because of its advantageous physical and radio biologic properties compared to photon-based therapy. It allows dose escalation to tumours while reducing radiation dose to adjacent normal tissues. There are currently 16 centres around the world treating with carbon ion radiotherapy. To date, it has been studied and proven effective for many types of malignancies.

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of M42, said: “We are honoured to sign this MoC with QST, the leaders in charged particle radio therapy, marking a pivotal milestone in our quest to expand clinical research in this field. By working hand in hand, we are confident that our collaboration will enable optimal cancer care, further potential clinical indications for carbon ion therapy and shape the future of healthcare in the region and beyond.”

Shigeo Koyasu, President of QST, said: “It is wonderful to start research cooperation with M42. This MoC will promote widespread use of carbon ion radiotherapy and help build a healthy and long-lived society with zero cancer deaths.”

Established in 2016, QST is working to establish world-leading research and development platforms, explore new fields, and serve as a centre for radiation protection and radiation emergency medicine.