The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH), the regulator of the healthcare sector in the emirate, has announced Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi as a centre of excellence (CoE) for adult cardiac surgery.

The announcement ceremony was held at DoH’s headquarters, where Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi was awarded the CoE plaque in the presence of Her Excellency Dr Noura Khamis Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of DoH; Hasan Al Nowais, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42; and Dr Jorge Guzman, CEO of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, as well as Dr. Mumtaz Khan, Chief of Staff and Interim Chief Medical Officer at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

As a designated CoE for adult cardiac surgery, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is home to ICU facilities and cardiac operating rooms, which operate with the support of core services that include state-of-the-art multidisciplinary cardiovascular medicine, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology and a cutting-edge structural heart programme.

Her Excellency Dr Noura Al Ghaithi, Undersecretary of DoH, said: “The Centres of Excellence (CoE) programme is an integral part in Abu Dhabi’s healthcare system as it translates the department's efforts in elevating healthcare outcomes through increasing competitiveness across the sector. We are delighted to announce Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi as a Centre of Excellence for Adult Cardiac Surgery (ACS), this comes in line with our priorities to continuously enhance the patients’ experience and provide the highest level of quality and efficiency in healthcare delivery according to international best practices and standards. We look forward to the continuous contributions from our partners with the aim of magnifying excellence sector-wide, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading global destination for healthcare.”

Hasan Jasem Al Nowais, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of M42, said: “Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi has established itself as a regional and global benchmark for complex care. With the help of cutting-edge technology, a multidisciplinary team of experts, and a patient-first philosophy, it continues to strengthen the leadership’s vision of providing world-class complex care to patients in the UAE and across the region. Recognitions like these further inspire our commitment to excellence and the M42 network will continue to work closely with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) to create a sustainable, state-of-the-art healthcare ecosystem in the emirate.”

Dr Jorge Guzman, Chief Executive Officer of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said: “We at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi are delighted with our designation by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) as the emirate’s centre of excellence in Adult Cardiac Surgery (ACS). Through this certification, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi provides high-quality capabilities for the provision of a range of integrated cardiac surgery and structural heart diseases interventions.

“Together with our multidisciplinary teams in cardiology, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, anaesthesia, critical care and transplantation, we are well-equipped to offer world-class services for complex cardiac conditions. Consolidating advanced services at the centre of excellence will allow for the expansion of clinical, academic and teaching activities and help create the next generation of Emirati physicians keeping Abu Dhabi at the forefront of future innovation.”

CoEs are healthcare facilities that are designated by DoH to provide specialised programmes in particular medical areas in line with best practices and highest quality standards. CoEs stand out with their world-class infrastructure, highly skilled and internationally accredited workforce, multidisciplinary resources, cutting-edge technologies and latest healthcare innovations, and clinical and scientific research while delivering best-in-class healthcare to patients in the emirate and beyond. Being named by DoH as a CoE for adult cardiac surgery, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is set to become a main destination for all patients for adult cardiac surgery treatment and services. It will provide patients with access to a wide range of treatment options and quality care in the field of adult cardiac surgery.

To further cement its position as the emirate’s CoE for adult cardiac surgery, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will drive research and education in the field of cardiac sciences. The Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi will be collaborating with existing partners, and health-tech incubators to bring world-class research, education, and innovation to Abu Dhabi.

CoEs must meet the minimum standard requirements issued by DoH, which outline the necessary criteria and prerequisites for licensed healthcare facilities seeking to acquire the designation. DoH outlined six key indicators that are taken into consideration when evaluating whether the healthcare facility can be recognised as a CoE. The indicators cover the following points: clinical outcomes, patient experience, patient safety and quality of medical services, levels of employee competency, and the facilities’ medical education, research strategies, and residency programmes. DoH also assesses the accreditations to determine the healthcare facility’s eligibility to become a CoE.

Healthcare facilities that are interested to learn more about the emirate’s standards for Centres of Excellence, please visit: