In the presence of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), a subsidiary of the PureHealth Group – the UAE’s largest integrated healthcare platform – hosted the 9th International Nursing and Midwifery Conference (SINMC). The event welcomed a network of nurses and midwives to discuss and debate the healthcare topics of the day, utilising innovation, technology and critical thinking.

The conference, which took place at Conrad Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi on 13-14 May 2023, was held under the theme Shaping the Future of Healthcare through Innovation, Technology and Evidence-Based Practice, and aimed to explore, create and implement innovative healthcare systems that prioritise the wellbeing of patients and healthcare providers.

In line with the commitment of the conference steering committee to deliver the highest standards of scientific content, the event had an extensive scientific programme, which included topics that are of interest to nurses, nursing students and others in the healthcare industry. The programme included the latest research, trends and priorities in nursing and theories on the future of healthcare.

The committee collaborated with several national and international organisations to bring together a unique educational experience that covered important issues related to the field. The meeting welcomed world-class experts, in addition to a group of eminent local speakers, and covered a broad range of topics, state-of-the-art lectures, and interactive sessions that furthered the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices.

Muayyad Mohammad Hussein, Corporate Nursing Director at SEHA, said: “We are thrilled to welcome healthcare professionals from around the world to attend SINMC. This event is not only a platform for knowledge exchange and innovation in nursing but a celebration of the dedication and compassion that nurses bring to their practice. By participating in SINMC, nurses will have the unique opportunity to not only enhance their clinical expertise but improve their social and emotional skills.

“The conference programme is designed to address the holistic needs of nurses, providing sessions and workshops that focus on communication, empathy, teamwork and self-care. These essential skills are vital for building strong relationships with patients, colleagues and the healthcare team, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and more fulfilling nursing practice. Additionally, the Ihsan Award winners were announced during the opening ceremony of the conference. The Ihsan Awards are designed to recognise the remarkable contributions of nurses, midwives and allied health, and their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and contributions.

“The nursing profession must examine its role, processes, and knowledge against emerging ethical frameworks that explore the opportunities and risks that AI and similar innovations bring while advocating for patient involvement in AI development and application.”

Shaikha Juma Al Shamisi, Conference Chairperson and Director of Nursing – Al Ain Hospital, said: “Nurses play a critical role in delivering primary care to patients, and it is vital that we provide them with a forum of learning to ensure that we are up to date with challenges facing healthcare. The conference serves as a platform for nurses to not only share their expertise and insights but to foster nursing leadership. Through engaging discussions, collaborative sessions, and thought-provoking presentations, the conference aims to empower nurses to take on leadership roles within their organisations, and make a meaningful impact on the healthcare landscape. We firmly believe that nursing leadership is crucial in shaping the future of healthcare and driving positive change.”