In line with the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership in empowering national competencies and capabilities, the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) and the Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority (ADAA) has launched the Al Nokhba programme, in collaboration with leading local and international academic institutions.

Mahmoud Al Alawi, Executive Director of the Corporate Support Sector at Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority, said: “The launch of the Al Nokhba Program at the federal level by the Supreme Audit Institution is a significant step in supporting the UAE’s journey to excel in the audit sector to ensure the optimal utilisation of public resources for a sustainable and prosperous future. The programme was designed to provide our Emirati talents with the best expertise and knowledge to keep pace with the continuous development witnessed by the UAE and to align with the requirements of audit and anti-corruption authorities in accordance with the highest international standards.

“Our Emirati talents are distinguished by their exceptional skills and talents that must be utilised in all fields, including the accounting and audit sector. This is what we have been working on, in cooperation with our strategic partners in the Supreme Auditing Institution and other partners to engage our Emirati talents in protecting public funds and promoting integrity, transparency and accountability.”

The programme, which lasts for a full year, comprises five main streams that include analysis and auditing, integrity and preserving public funds, law, information technology and cybersecurity, and administration, in addition to other streams related to support functions. The programme also adopts a hybrid system between theoretical and practical learning methodologies carried out by the best expertise and professionals.

Al Nokhba participants will receive accredited certificates and will be granted monthly financial rewards during the programme period, in addition to on-job training that will enhance their educational journey in the programme.

The Supreme Audit Institution and Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority urges all Emirati talents who wish to be part of the program to submit their applications through Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority’s mobile application, SMART ADAA, and through the website