Abu Dhabi Pension Fund (ADPF) leads the list of government service providers in the emirate, after successfully achieving first place in the performance index for case management in Abu Dhabi CRM System.

ADPF was the most accomplished and committed among the categories of users compared to other government entities in the emirate with large numbers of cases, receiving more than 15,000 cases and transactions annually through the Abu Dhabi Contact Centre. 

The fund's top ranking for the fourth consecutive year came according to performance indicators of the Abu Dhabi Government services unified platform TAMM, as a part of its continued efforts to support joint government work and implement the directives of the wise leadership to provide government services to users, according to the latest global practices, as well as improve their experience in obtaining government services effortlessly.

The efforts of the fund and its pursuit of providing exceptional services to its customers have resulted in achieving advanced performance indicators in six categories: acceptance indicators, classification index, indicator of adherence to the time frame for closing cases, answer accuracy indicator, percentage of pending cases indicator, customer satisfaction index.

His Excellency Khalaf Abdulla Rahma Al Hammadi, Director-General of Pension Affairs at ADPF, confirmed that the fund's ranking at the top of the list of government service providers in the emirate, achieving first place for the fourth consecutive year, and the rise in performance indicators, represents a new achievement added to the fund's record over the past years. His Excellency said the achievement is the result of great efforts of the team and the fund's desire to implement the wise leadership's directives to provide high-quality services through integration and joint government work.

His Excellency said: "The fund's leading position in the channels of the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre reflects the professionalism of the customer support team in handling client inquiries and feedback in a timely and accurate manner. The fund relies on high and approved internal indicators to ensure service quality."

His Excellency highlighted that the fund strives to enhance the client experience in obtaining pension services by setting clear indicators that ensure accuracy and speed in handling customers’ cases to increase their satisfaction. His Excellency also confirmed the fund's ongoing efforts to improve services provided to clients of various categories.

ADPF provides services to clients of various categories through several channels, most notably the Abu Dhabi Contact Centre to enhance joint government work efforts. Additionally, the fund offers digital services via TAMM, through, which the fund provides services to civilian and military pensioners and active members. The fund also provides services to entities and self-employed individuals through the fund's official website, as well as through the fund's official social media accounts.