Abu Dhabi Executive Council has issued a decision to establish the Abu Dhabi Centre for Projects and Infrastructure. Under the jurisdiction of the Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport, the centre is responsible for a range of tasks related to capital projects in the emirate.

The Abu Dhabi Centre for Projects and Infrastructure will have several key responsibilities, which include reviewing capital projects proposed by government entities and submitting recommendations to Abu Dhabi Executive Council to achieve the emirate’s development goals; supervising projects’ implementation to ensure adherence to approved plans; overseeing quality standards and safety criteria while ensuring timely delivery; making decisions on matters related to capital projects such as project developer selection and identification; developing contract templates; standardising project design criteria; and coordinating with government entities to identify and promote best practices and options for the execution of capital projects in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, the Abu Dhabi Centre for Projects and Infrastructure will coordinate with the relevant government entities to develop strategies for capital projects and enhance the involvement of the private sector. This will involve assessing partnership projects between the public and private sectors regarding capital projects, as well as managing the annual budget for government entities' capital projects and authorising their payments. The centre will also have the responsibility of conducting regular audits of capital projects’ contracts and monitoring government entities to ensure the appropriate utilisation of government assets and properties.